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Our modern-day young adults face numerous challenges, stresses, problems, and pressures. Some of our young adult students can be incapacitated by a mental illness. The stress that our young adults face in our schools and in their relationships could be enough to ruin their lives. The job market for young adults has been bad, that is not to say very bad or extremely bad, for decades. Marriages fall apart and collapse even though the husband and wife have met each other when they met as young adults. Young adults face peer pressure to use illegal drugs, to smoke, and to drink alcohol. They turn to a life of crime because they will just give up on themselves. We have to care about how to save the lives of our young adults. We cannot continue to lose them to substance abuse and incarceration. We must work with God and with the Holy Spirit to stop these tragedies from continuing to happen to us and to our students.
What Issues Do Young Adults Face In Their Relationships with God?
  1. How strong of a role should God play in our daily lives?
  2. When is the right time to consider engaging in sexual activity?
  3. Why do sexually transmitted diseases exist?
  4. Does God think that the frequent use of birth control is good for us?
  5. Does God punish us for deciding to have an abortion?
  6. Do we need God's permission in order to consummate a relationship?
  7. How does God help us to succeed in school?
  8. How does God guide us in our peer relationships?
  9. When does God advise us to reject a peer group?
  10. How does God protect young adults from substance abuse disorders?
  1. Is achieving parenthood better than existing in a life without children?
  2. Does God and the Holy Spirit support a woman's decisions to have an abortion?
  3. Does God approve of young adult sexual activity?
  4. What is God trying to do about our substance abuse epidemic throughout the United States.
  5. When does God believe is the right time to start dating?
  6. Do only some of us talk and communicate with God and the Holy Spirit?
  7. Is hearing the attempt of God and the Holy Spirit to communicate with us consistent with a psychiatric disorder?
How Do God and the Holy Spirit Develop Young Adults?
  1. God and the Holy Spirit motivate a student to achieve success in his or her education.
  2. God encourages young adults to seriously consider working to achieve the many benefits of parenthood.
  3. God wants Individual Substance Abuse Prevention Counseling to be part of His personal relationship with each and every young adult that He loves.
  4. God and the Holy Spirit warn young adults about the dangers of engaging in domestic violence.
  5. God would prefer that young adults would wait until adulthood to experiment with sexual activity after graduation from either high school or from college.
  6. God wants young adults to learn to socialize by participating in healthy and productive peer groups.
  7. God deters our young adults from using alcohol in any way or form. God is very upset when His young adults use alcohol.
  1. The Holy Spirit teaches our young adults to refrain from all forms of violence and informs our young adults about the consequences of using violence.
  2. God tries to help young adults to understand their destiny. God helps young adults to work toward achieving their destiny.
  3. Go tries to introduce a young adult to a possible spouse of the opposite gender and He encourages them to begin a relationship.
  4. God wants our young adults to participate in constructive and productive peer groups that are free of dangerous and destructive peer pressure.
  5. God tries to open a line of communication with His young adults. He wants to talk to them and to have conversations with them to discuss their issues with Him.
  6. God tries to help young adults to understand why sexually transmitted diseases exist.
The Developments of Young Adulthood Young Adults Prepare for Adulthood
  1. The capacity of men and women to participate in the process of the conception or creation of a new human life inside of a woman's body begins to develop. Young boys and girls start thinking about the issues that they will face that will ultimately lead to facing the creation and the development of human life.
  2. Our parents expect us to participate in relationships that will allow us to eventually work with God to create and to develop a new human life.
  3. We develop into peer groups that promote safe and productive social activities whose activities that relate to the successful maturation into adulthood.
  4. Experimentation with sexual intimacy can begin in the young adult years. Mandatory family planning training and counseling must guide young adults that choose to become sexually active.
  5. Young adults seek to gain the capacity to achieve the ability to work in a career and to pursue a relationship with either a partner of the opposite gender or to pursue a relationship with a same-gendered partner.
  6. Young adults must respond to the will of God to proceed to achieve their destiny and to pursue parenthood and marriage.
  7. Young adults will begin to understand that they will play a Capitol role in helping God to continue to create and to develop human and nonhuman life for Humanity.
  1. Our young adults should completely understand the process of conception and childbirth. They should come to understand the biological mechanisms that work to produce the creation of a human life and a childbirth.
  2. Young adults must respect God as the Supreme Being that creates, develops, and sustains the existence of all human life throughout the Universe. Young adults must understand the role that God can play in intimacy when a man and a woman can convince God to create a new human life during intimacy.
  3. God wants all young adults to investigate the process of the creation, the pregnancy, the birth, and the development of a human life.
  4. Our young adults must always have the existence of God in the back of their minds when they think about whether to make God happy or to infuriate Him with their sexual behaviors.
  5. God prepares His young adults for dating. God tries to be a matchmaker that introduces a man to a compatible woman as part of the process of achieving adulthood.
  6. God will punish young adults for hurting a partner by raping her, giving him or her a sexually transmitted disease, causing a teenage pregnancy, and/or allowing young adult dating that would ruin the lives of our young adults.
Challenges of Substance Abuse Training Meeting the Premarital Deadline
  1. Young adults should receive comprehensive training in identifying and understanding illegal controlled substances and illegal street drugs.
  2. Young adults should attend criminal justice seminars where they will learn the consequences of substance abuse addiction and of dealing drugs on the streets.
  3. Guidance counselors should help young adults that develop substance abuse problems to seek assistance in substance abuse treatment programs in the student's local area.
  4. We lose to many of our young adults to substance abuse. We have to stop losing our young kids to drugs, endless unemployment, and incarceration.
  5. Our young adult students should go on guided tours of correctional facilities so that they will know what they will be facing if they continue to pursue drug dealing and drug trafficking.
  6. All schools should have substance abuse prevention programs that will help to save the lives of our maturing young adults.
  7. We should have recovery programs, community service programs, vocational job training programs, and government-sponsored employment to help those that are recovering from substance abuse.
  8. Recovering substance abusers must find the strength to rebuild from God's Love, from God's Guidance and from God's Support.
  9. God will work with us to finally end substance abuse throughout our entire Human Family.
  1. All grammar schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and/or graduate schools are supposed to be dating students for our undergraduate students.
  2. No one talks about the secret dream that every student has that they will meet their eternal soul mate as a student in a school or on a college campus.
  3. Students have a deadline to graduation to become intimately involved with a potential partner for marriage before graduation.
  4. Their crisis becomes life-threatening if they reach their senior year without a boyfriend or a girlfriend that might be dating them after graduation and that might also meet the requirements to be a marriage partner.
  5. Female undergraduates might become so desperate to solidify a relationship with a male partner that they might try to consummate the relationship with their partner after just a few encounters with him.
  6. Most schools allow sexual activity on campus because it is easier to a man and a woman to form a loving relationship and a binding contract with one another.
  7. It is a tragedy when an undergraduate female student becomes pregnant before graduation. It is sad when two students will try to become sexually active and then their relationship will collapse before graduation.
  8. It is sad when a female undergraduate resorts to sexual promiscuity and the abuse of birth control to find a partner that will be there for her after graduation.
When Is the Right Time for Intimacy? What Are The Goals of Young Adulthood?
  1. It is important for all young adults to understand that sexual activity is a part of our relationship with God. Our intimacy with a partner of the opposite gender eventually produces a pregnancy, the creation of a human life, and a childbirth because God creates that new human life.
  2. What should sexual activity accomplish? Do the boyfriend and girlfriend want a baby? Do they just want to feel the sensations of the mechanics of sexual intercourse?
  3. Is there a widespread belief that a woman has to sexually perform for a man regardless if they want to have a baby if the man will continue to have a relationship with the woman?
  4. What happens when the birth control disintegrates in a dorm? What happens if two undergraduates get pregnant. What happens if a high school boy and girl get pregnant?
  5. What does sexual activity accomplish if you do not want to work with God and with your partner of the opposite gender to create a human life that will stay with you for the rest of your life?
  6. Are you having sexual relations to save a relationship or are you agreeing to sexual exploitation for no reason?
  7. What gives a man the right to repeatedly violate a woman or a young student with no intent to except the consequences of parenthood?
  8. Female students have to think about these issues before they will decide whether they will accomplish anything by becoming sexually active as undergraduates in high school and/or in college.
  9. Most women want to be sexual with a man to become pregnant.
  1. Young adults will achieve the academic success that will allow them to perform their job tasks in their chosen profession.
  2. Young adults need to elevate their level of social functioning to make them a constructive part or their peer groups, a constructive part of their communities, and a constructive part of their society.
  3. Young adults must come to understand the destiny that God has chosen for them. They must discover the talents and skills that God has given them so that the young adult can fulfill his or her own destiny.
  4. All young adults hope that God will help them the perfect partner for dating, for an engagement, and for a successful marriage.
  5. Our young adults should work with God to prepare for parenthood. Parenthood is part of the relationship of all of us that choose to be attached to God in our lives. Parenthood is the ultimate goal that we can achieve with a partner of the opposite gender and with God.
  6. A young adult should accept the guidance from God and from the Holy Spirit in order to achieve God's Purpose for him or her. This is true for all young adults. We have to accept the Love of God and of the Holy Spirit in our lives if we will succeed in our dreams for Humanity.
  7. We need to work with God to find solutions to situations that might threaten our ability to fulfill God's will for us in our lives.
  8. We must help all of our brothers and sisters that are suffering all over the world with poverty, famine, diseases, homelessness, a detachment from Humanity. We must work with God and the Holy Spirit to end their desperation.
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God wants to convince a man and a woman that are in a heterosexual relationship to participate in efforts to create and to develop human lives.  God makes sure that nature can provide all of the water, food, nutrition, and sanitation that are necessary to support the existence of all human and nonhuman life.  God never allows any of us to run out of food, water, fuel, or breathing air.  God provides these resources to us because He wants all of us to help us to create, maintain, and to support the existence of all human life with His help.  God works with Nature and with His Universe To make sure that the existence of life will be eternal.  Human life and nonhuman life will never end.  Human life and nonhuman life will exist forever.


God creates all of the components for the creation and the development of human life within nature.  God manufactures all water, natural gas, fuel oil, oxygen, fruits, vegetables, and animals that produce edible products like eggs for free.  God always meets His quota for providing the essential components to His sons and daughters throughout the world.  God predicts just how many eggs He needs to produce to satisfy the demand for eggs which He gives to us for free to sell at a 100% markup.  God gives us our crude oil, water, and natural gas for free.  He always meets the demand for what we need of those substances.

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  1. There will come a time when young adults will be more responsible and will completely reject illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms.
  2. There will come a time when unplanned pregnancies will stop happening.
  3. There will come a time when abortions will no longer be necessary. Women will understand that ten minutes of sexual passion would not be worth that kind of pain and suffering.
  4. We will show our young adults movies of childbirths and movies which will show abortions procedures from beginning to end. They then will be awarded the "Right to Choose"
  5. God has to be a major factor in helping a woman to decide how she will deal with an unplanned pregnancy.
  6. Anyone that has to deal with a pregnancy answers to God. God created the baby inside of "God's Factory of Human Life" and He is the only one that can authorize a miscarriage for the pregnancy.
  7. Our schools should help our young girls to understand what to expect if they become sexually active.
  1. Scientists and engineers work together with God and with the Holy Spirit to make the world a better place to live for all of God's Children and all of our brothers and sisters throughout Humanity.
  2. God and the Holy Spirit want our scientists and engineers to help our world leaders and all of our brothers-and sisters throughout the world that we must replace the intent to bring harm and suffering against each other with the intent that we should forgive, to love, and to no longer have the intent to hurt each other.
  3. Scientists and religious leaders should help all of us on this planet to understand that God did not create us so that we would be able to maintain hateful thoughts against our brothers and sisters over an extended period of time.
  4. God cannot continue to tolerate an endless pattern of violence between His Sons and Daughters. God cannot support the Thinking that leads to self-inflicted injuries and thinking that causes injuries that is inflicted against others.
  5. It deeply hurts God when we sustain the intent to hurt and to kill our brothers and sisters over an extended period of time.
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