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Success in education is about finding the love that God has for all of us through the love that exists for us through others that exist in our lives. Our students should respond to God's Love by working hard to get good grades in their courses. God can train and coach our students as to how to achieve the ability to socialize with our peers and with our loved ones such as our family members. Some students do not do as well as others. We must try harder to save the lives of these types of students. We must reward our students form making exceptional efforts to improve their behaviors, to improve their academic performance, and to show the willingness to be a social part of the student community of their school. God should reward students who will find God and will negotiate with Him while they are still students in grammar school, high schools, colleges, and graduate schools. God must be a part of any success that our students will achieve in any of our schools.
How Does God Help Our Students To Achieve Great Success?
  1. We must motivate our students to find God through prayers and through studying about our religion.
  2. We must help students to understand the rewards that will await us if we achieve success in education.
  3. Students must understand the opportunities that will be available to them because of their successful completion of their education.
  4. A students comes closer to find God in their lives by understand the messages and the doctrines of the prophets of their religion.
  5. We must teach our students to achieve success in their academic careers by going to God and communicating with Him to receive guidance and help when they need it the most.
  6. God wants our young adults to understand the benefits of pursuing and of achieving parenthood with a partner of the opposite gender.
  7. God wants students to meet their future spouse in the college and/or university in which they have been enrolled to pursue their college degree.
  1. God does not endorse under aged sexual activity when two unemployed students are involved in a relationship.
  2. Students should understand that all of us are Part of God and that we all have to go to God for numerous times in our lives to ask for help and assistance.
  3. Our students must understand that all human and nonhuman life comes from God. God creates all human and nonhuman life in the Universe.
  4. Students must understand that the greatest way to honor God is to achieve parenthood with a spouse of the opposite gender.
  5. Childbirth is the greatest event in a married couple's lives as God presents a new human life to them during childbirth to love and to develop for the rest of their lives.
  6. Divorces hurt God. God wants husbands and wives to get help if there is any hope to save a broken marriage in the relationship between them.
  7. We must be committed to work with God and with our spouse of the opposite gender to develop our sons and daughters in a way that honors God.
How Does God Help Students To Find Him In Their Lives?
  1. God helps to encourage parents to teach toddlers, children, and young adults to pray daily.
  2. Parents should teach young adults to go to God for help and guidance when they have problems.
  3. We have to teach students that God and the Holy Spirit have them under surveillance.
  4. Students should ask God and the Holy Spirit for assistance in students' efforts to achieve their goals.
  5. Our students should ask God and the Holy Spirit about how they can help others that are in need of our help.
  6. We can reject illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and/or firearms at God's request.
  7. Our students can go to God and to the Holy Spirit for help to behave responsibly so that they will not become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
  8. We must respect God's warnings about engaging in dangerous and regretful sexual activities that could lead to a transmission of a sexually transmitted disease.
  9. We should come to understand how we hurt God and our partner by abusing birth control.
  10. Our students must understand that God wants sexual activity to promote the creation of human life. God is angry and hurt when He senses a mutual effort to achieve sexual exploitation between a male young adult and female a female young adult.
  11. Young adults should ask God if he or she should engage in sexual activity in a certain situation.
  1. Our students can ask God for help in order to find each of them a possible girlfriend or boyfriend of the opposite gender with whom to form a loving relationship.
  2. Our students should ask God to give them guidance about how to approach their decisions regarding the sexual activities before a relationship starts and during a relationship.
  3. Our students can ask God and the Holy Spirit for help in how to prepare for parenthood after graduation from high school or after graduation from college.
  4. Ask God exactly when the right time will happen for a boyfriend to propose marriage to a girlfriend.
  5. Ask God for help to plan a successful pregnancy attempt with a spouse.
  6. Ask God about consummation issue. Is it right for a boyfriend and girlfriend on a college campus to consummate their relationship with a sexual encounter?
  7. Our young adult students need to go to God for help in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in a way that is humane and responsible.
  8. There are times when God visits us in our dreams. He tries to interact with us in a scene that is apart from the reality that we are used to send us a message about our past or about the future.
  9. We find God when we understand that we are all Part of God and that we are all Part of Humanity and that we must love both God and Humanity.
Criminal Justice Certification Honors Excellent Behavioral Honors Program
  1. High-risk young adult students in grammar schools, middle schools, and/or high schools could enroll in criminal justice training programs and criminal justice mentoring programs.
  2. Groups of students in this program would work with local, state, and federal law enforcement instructors in order to come to understand what is legal and what is illegal.
  3. Students would be required to take a quiz every week and a test at least every three to four weeks.
  4. The students would see how law enforcement officers would apprehend drug dealers and other types of criminals.
  5. The instructors would help the students to understand why it would be a disaster for them to resort to existing in a life of crime.
  6. Mentors and instructors would give Criminal Justice Certification Awards to those children and young adults that successfully complete one to three of the seminars.
  7. The goal would be that certified students would be much-less likely to resort to committing crimes than if they were certified under this program.
  8. Students that achieve certification would receive a $500 gift card.
  1. Students that have a history of behavioral problems can be enrolled in the Behavioral Improvement Rewards Program.
  2. This program can help students to understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.
  3. These programs will help our young adults to understand the rewards that await them for engaging in good behaviors and the consequences that await them for engaging in bad behaviors.
  4. Mentors can help children and young adults how they hurt God, teachers, parents, peers, and behavioral health professionals when they engage in self-destructive and destructive behaviors.
  5. A school psychologist can periodically review a student's progress toward achieving normal and acceptable behaviors as much as possible.
  6. The students that are enrolled in this program can get a certificate of completion and a gift card of up to $500.
  7. We must try to save the lives of all of our children by loving them, by being patient with them, and by helping them to understand that they are just as wonderful as any other student in their school.
  8. Students that exert a strong effort should be rewarded for that strong effort.
Peer Pressure Management Awards Finding God in Education Honors
  1. Counselors and teachers will enroll students into this type of program when it is evident that students are facing this type of life-threatening peer pressure
  2. Peer Pressure Management Groups would meet at least twice a week.
  3. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists will help children and young adults to understand what peer pressure is and how to cope with peer pressure.
  4. Counselors would help children and young adults to understand the difference between good peer pressure as opposed to bad peer pressure.
  5. Counselors would help kids and young adults to develop strategies for understanding how to detect negative peer pressure and how to cope with it by possibly rejecting a peer group.
  6. Kids and young adults would be counseled as to how to benefits from positive and constructive peer pressure.
  7. Counselors would advise kids and young adults to go to God and to the Holy Spirit and to ask them for help through prayer in order to find coping mechanisms for peer pressure.
  8. This program would give a $600 gift card and a Certificate of Completion to those students who successfully complete the program. They must behave in an acceptable manner in order to qualify for the award.
  9. Mentors will continue to monitor the situation with peer interactions in a school to see if any further intervention is needed to solve any new peer conflict issues.
  10. We must encourage our young adults to reject peer groups that encourage its members to hurt themselves and to hurt others.
  1. We should encourage all of our students that come from both public, private, and religious schools, to pursue a relationship with God through being involved in religious activities and by trying to reach out to God through prayer, worshiping of God, and studying religious doctrines.
  2. Our schools and teachers cannot give our students the impression that there are no consequences for them if they choose to completely ignore the existence of God in their lives. Students that ignore God in their lives can become severely injured.
  3. Our students can find God no matter if they go to a public school, a private school, or a religious school. God and the Holy Spirit watch over and guide our children and young adults whether they go to school, pray and/or think about God.
  4. Students that suffer from a Detachment from God are high-risk candidates to cause suffering to himself or herself and to others. No student deserves to be enrolled in a school that makes the student think that there are no consequences for anyone to achieve a Detachment from God.
  5. Students that actively pursue a relationship with God are more likely to achieve success in their studies, careers, relationships, family life, and health. They will know better than to hurt God by trying to hurt themselves and/or to try to hurt others.
  6. A Detachment from God can make us think that we can hurt ourselves and that we can hurt others without facing discipline for what we have done.
  7. We must answer to God and to the Holy Spirit under any and all circumstances.
Academic Rewards Program Honors Behavioral Health Internship Honors
  1. Some students that are not motivated to learn might do better if they are offered awards for their hard work and for the academic improvements.
  2. Students that do well should also receive praise and rewards for doing an outstanding job for their parents and teachers.
  3. The Bimonthly Awards Program would reward students that have improved grades on exams should be recognized in front of the entire students body of the grammar school and/or middle school..
  4. The Peer Study Group Program Program will help students to help each other to get the really good grades that they deserve by helping each other to study and to learn in a social atmosphere.
  5. The Extra-Credit Program will help students that want to go beyond and above learning what their school requires of them to learn by independent study and research. This program would make it easier for students to function at higher grade levels.
  6. The Goal Achievement Program will set goals for students for the grades that they want to achieve at the beginning of the school year. Teachers will give a Goal Achievement Certificate to students that have reached their goals or that have surpassed their goals at the end of the school year. They will also receive a $500 gift certificate.
  1. Students that have been struggling to recover from behavioral problems and have made a lot of progress can be interns in behavioral health centers to help themselves and to help others as they help their fellow students to cope with behavioral disorders.
  2. Students can work with psychiatrists and therapists at local Behavioral Health Centers to assist them in dealing with kids and young adults that have behavioral problems.
  3. These students could lead therapy group sessions. They can encourage kids and young adults to reject alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, and firearms.
  4. Student mentors can convince high-risk kids to stay away from any involvement in gangs or in organized crime.
  5. Student mentors should help fellow students that are in treatment about how dealing dope on the streets can ruin their lives.
  6. Student mentors would participate in discussions with students and family-planning counselors about sexually transmitted diseases and about the dangers of promiscuous sexual behaviors.
  7. Student mentors will talk to student about the One True God that exists in their lives. Student mentors will encourage high-risk students to pray for guidance, forgiveness, and for a second chance at life.
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Why do we need to show love and affection for God?  We show love and affection for God by showing love and affection to our family members, our coworkers, and others that need us to lead better lives.  We must show God that we love Him by being willing to communicate with Him.  A conversation with God can be very stimulating.  Being willing to talk to God or to have a conversation with God are beautiful ways of showing love for God.  Going to God to ask Him for help in a major crisis also is a beautiful way to receive love from God.  We show love for God when we follow His advice and work to solve our problems.  We must show love for God by depending on our relationship with Him in order to function normally in our everyday lives.


We cannot build a reusable spaceship without developing a method of producing power that would be reliable and efficient.  We could not use a fuel-driven generator to do this.  We would have to develop an electromagnetic mechanism that would provide an indefinite amount of power for all of the spaceship’s circuits.  That mechanism is sometimes called the “Clean Energy Generator.”  This would be a configuration of components that would produce an endless stream of power that would control the spaceship’s velocity, altitude, and solar navigation.  The Clean Energy Generation would help us to produce power at a much-less-expensive cost here on Earth.  We have to hope that our scientists and engineers will be able to create and to successfully produce the world’s first Clean Energy Generator.

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  1. Do young adults need sexual activity?
  2. Do young adults need to abuse birth control?
  3. Why would the parents of a teenage girl allow her to become sexually active with her boyfriend?
  4. Is young adult sexual activity a healthy part of a relationship between two young adults or is it mutual sexual exploitation?
  5. Should parents and schools tolerate the sexual exploitation of young girls?
  6. When is it justified to allow a young girl to decide when to pursue sexual activity?
  7. Should the young adult boy be punished by facing criminal charges of statutory rape for violation a young adult minor female?
  1. Scientists can help us to understand that all human and nonhuman life comes from God.
  2. Scientists can work with religious leaders to help us to understand the daily roles that God and the Holy Spirit will play in our lives.
  3. Scientists and religious leaders can help us to understand the benefits of interacting with God when we face life-threatening problems.
  4. Scientists and religious leaders will teach our children and young adults that God and the Holy Spirit should be part of every decision that they make about their lives.
  5. Scientist and religious leaders will work together to help Humanity to connect with God.
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