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Peer relationships are critical components of the development of an infant, a toddler, a child, and a young adult. We wish that our lives would be perfect and that God could allow us to live in paradise for everyday of our lives. However, a critical problem for our families and educators is when peer relationships turn bad on everyone. Peers can love each other. They can go to the park together with their skateboard or their bikes and they can live a carefree life. However, peer conflict erupts in all of our schools. So many of our peers choose to hurt themselves and to hurt other both in school and outside of school. Part of education is not just learning algebra and literature. Education is about working to stop our students from becoming a threat to themselves and from becoming a threat to others. We have to expand the curricula of our schools to include courses that can allow teacher and behavioral health professionals to save everyone of our student's lives.
Peer Pressure Can Hurt Our Young Adults
  1. Peers can encourage the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.
  2. Peers can discourage their interests in working toward achieving academic success.
  3. Peers can encourage a kid and/or a young adult to hurt himself and/or to hurt others.
  4. Peers can encourage kids and young adults to commit crimes both in the school and in the communities.
  5. Peers can encourage kids and young adults to work off the books.
  6. Peers can obstruct the efforts of a young adult to determine his or her sexual orientation.
  1. Peers can encourage our kids and our young adults to develop into substance abusers.
  2. Peers can encourage young adults to make reckless decisions about under aged dating and about under aged sexual activity.
  3. Peers can encourage our young adults to abuse birth control and to engage in mutual sexual exploitation with other young adults.
  4. Peers can put pressure on students to rape under aged boys and under aged girls.
  5. Peers can work to lead kids and young adults to fail in their schools.
  6. Peers can also encourage young adults to commit crimes.
Strategies In Dealing With Peer Issues
  1. Students must help peers that are threats to themselves and that are threats to others.
  2. Students must understand the difference between good peer pressure and bad peer pressure.
  3. Our students must learn how to participate in productive peer groups.
  4. Our students must learn how to reject participation in destructive peer groups.
  5. Our students must understand how to reject offers of illegal drugs, alcohol, and firearms.
  6. God want to protect peers from substance abuse.
  7. God wants to protect peers from sexual exploitation.
  1. Students must understand that they must reject participation in peer groups that require them to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others.
  2. Students must look to God and to the Holy Spirit for help when they are trying to decide whether or not to join a peer group.
  3. Under aged students must go into therapy if they want to respond to peer pressure to engage in sexual activity.
  4. Students should talk to counselors and law enforcement if peers threaten to use guns to commit crimes.
  5. Students must rely on their relationships with God in order to understand whether a peer group is right for them or is wrong for them.
Peer Relationships in Childhood Peer Pressure in Adolescence
  1. Kids tend to socialize with members of the same gender.
  2. Kids can play with toys and can play kids games.
  3. Many kids do pray even if they do not know that they are attempting to communicate with God.
  4. Early participation in peer groups can help kids to develop the social skills that they will need to function in peer groups as adolescents.
  5. Daycare programs are beneficial because they allow kids to work with God to show love for others.
  6. It is much easier for an adolescent to function in peer groups if they have participated in peer groups as a toddler and as a child.
  7. It is important to teach toddlers and children how to pray and how to build a relationship with God. This will make the child's development much more productive and successful.
  1. Peer groups that consist of members of the same gender form plans to develop dating relationships with members of the opposite gender for the first time.
  2. Raging hormones can cause malfunctions in the way that adolescent peers communicate and behave toward each other.
  3. Peer pressure to form dating relationships in their teen years can be either productive or detrimental to a adolescent's development.
  4. Some Adolescents feel that they need to use illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol, and weapons in oder to be accepted into peer groups.
  5. Peer groups may feel peer pressure to pursue sexual activity with other adolescent partners.
  6. Some young adults will join peer groups even if it means that they will be required to engage in activities that will be harmful to them and that will be harmful to others.
Positive Peer Pressure Negative Peer Pressure
  1. Positive peer pressure encourages responsible behaviors that help young adults to reject smoking, drinking alcohol, using illegal recreational drugs and/or using weapons.
  2. Positive peer pressure encourages responsible and productive dating that would be free of sexual exploitation and of sexual abuse.
  3. Positive peer pressure promotes healthy and productive relationships between young adults, siblings, and adults.
  4. Positive peer pressure contributes to strengthening our relationship with God.
  5. The Holy Spirit can guide us to develop successful and productive peer relationships that would not offend God and that are not destructive or self-destructive to our young adults' peer groups.
  6. God and the Holy Spirit want to be part of every successful peer group and want to help peer groups that are in trouble.
  7. Educators must understand the warning signs that members of peer groups have become a threat to themselves and threats to others.
  8. Educators must require that members of peer groups that have become threats to themselves and/or to others must receive psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling.
  9. Positive peer pressure creates an atmosphere of love and happiness within our schools. Teachers feel like they are in heaven when students encourage their peers to do good things for themselves and for each other. Teachers and parents should always promote the pressure to convince students the right things.
  1. Negative pear pressure can encourage our young adults to engage in destructive and self-destructive behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, and/or using firearms.
  2. Negative peer pressures can encourages our young adults to engage in high risk sexual behaviors which can lead to unplanned pregnancies and/or to the transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Negative peer pressures can encourage young adults to behave in a manners that are offensive to God and to the Holy Spirit. We all answer to God and to the Holy Spirit when they want to reward us for doing good things and when they want to punish us for doing bad things.
  4. Negative peer pressure can convince our young adults that there are no consequences for behaving in a manner that hurts children, other young adults, and everyone else. They discover that they will face their punishment in a state of surprise.
  5. Negative peer pressure give young adults the impression that they have something to gain by engaging in self-destructive and destructive behaviors.
  6. Negative peer pressures in adolescence can cause permanent harm to a young adult's life through the time that he or she enters adulthood.
  7. It is important for educators, parents, psychiatrists, and behavioral health professionals to dissolve negative peer pressure in our schools to that our young adults can enjoy a productive development into adulthood.
  8. No School should tolerate negative peer pressure from any student on school grounds or in college dorms.
The Dating Game Among Peers Religious Peer Group Pressure
  1. The pressure to date a member of the opposite gender begins to intensify as young adults proceed further into their late adolescence and early adulthood.
  2. Premarital dating on a college campus or at some other type of school can very much hurt a woman. It can set up a young woman for sexual exploitation.
  3. Consensual date rape is a disgraceful way for a young adult boy to exploit a young adult girl on a date. A young adult boy can convince a young adult girl that sexual activity during a date is proper and acceptable. Consensual rape always hurts any woman that falls for the scam
  4. An offer of consummation is a young adult woman's desperate attempt to form an agreement with her lover to make a commitment for a long-term relationship that will last after graduation from high school, college, and/or graduate school. A man can use an offer of consummation to exploit a young adult woman's sexuality.
  5. Many schools convince students to to assume a massive guaranteed student loan debt so that the student will graduate from college with a job, a spouse, a career, and a family for the rest of the student's life.
  6. College young adults hope to meet the love of their lives at social events or in dorms on college campuses.
  7. Consummation rituals between male and female college undergraduates can lead to an unplanned pregnancy and/or severe psychiatric trauma for the girl and the boy in the relationship.
  8. Students that are considering consummation should have access to family planning counseling withing their schools.
  9. We should make it easier for undergraduate students to find a partner that might help them to become engaged and to have a family after graduation through a national Online dating service.
  1. God and the Holy Spirit watch over all of our peer groups in our schools. They always detect if there are malicious problems in peer groups in high schools and on college campuses.
  2. It is God's goal to convince a man and a woman that are in a dating relationship to work with Him to create and to develop new human lives as part of a marriage. God wants to work with them to bring a new human life into the world.
  3. The Holy Spirit intervenes in a school where many students are contemplating engaging in sexual activity. The Holy Spirit works hard to help undergraduates to make the right decisions about their sexuality. The Holy Spirit wants to prevent undergraduate pregnancies.
  4. God does not appreciate the situation in any school where unemployed and undergraduate female students become pregnant. God punishes whoever is involved in this situation aggressively.
  5. God and the Holy Spirit helps male and female students that have the potential to have a long-term marital relationship to find each other as undergraduates. God helps a boyfriend and a girlfriend to make responsible decisions about their sexuality while they are dating
  6. God and the Holy Spirit help our young adults to make responsible decisions about their sexual activities so that they will not hurt each other in their relationship. God does not want to see an unplanned pregnancy or an under aged pregnancy.
  7. Peer pressure that obstructs God from delivering a newborn human life to a man and a woman that love each other very much angers God.
  8. God wants all bad behaviors that come from negative peer pressure to stop ruining the lives of His children and of His young adults.
  9. A boyfriend and girlfriend should turn to God and to the Holy Spirit for guidance as they decide how to proceed with sexual activity in their lives.
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God cannot create human life by himself.  God needs to generate the energy to create human life by working with a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman who are engaged in loving intimacy.  This man and this woman want to work together to achieve a pregnancy by helping God to create a new human life inside of His Factory of Human Life inside of a woman.  God needs a woman and a man that love each other to work with Him in order to bring new human lives into the world.  God depends on reliable parents that can work with Him to create and to develop new human lives every second of every day.  That brings satisfaction to God and to the parents of a new human life.


The Holy Spirit is an Entity of Higher Intelligence.  The Holy Spirit is part of God.  The Holy Spirit cares as much about us as God cares about us.  The Holy Spirit helps to guide us to do good things for ourselves, for others, and for God.  The Holy Spirit helps us to obtain the forgiveness of God when we have committed a crime or have seriously injured ourselves.  They Holy Spirit guides us when we have to repair our relationships with God and with the criminal justice system so that we can continue to live our lives without facing incarceration.  The Holy Spirit has all of us under surveillance.  The Holy Spirit works with law-enforcement agencies to help to intercept criminals and to help to guide them in criminal investigations.  The Holy Spirit is a big part of God and of Humanity.

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  1. Scientists will play a major role in elevating our standard of living.
  2. Scientists will help us to understand the difference between right and wrong.
  3. Scientists will help all of our brothers and sisters all over the world to unite and to become the "Nation of Humanity"
  4. Scientists will work with the Governments of Humanity to end starvation, diseases, homelessness, and criminal incarcerations.
  5. Our scientists will help our children, our young adults, and our adults, that we all answer to the Only One True God.
  6. We will continue to collapse and to fail unless we come to fully understand that God must must have a an influence in everything that happens to us.
  7. Scientists will work with God and the Holy Spirit to help us to end the suffering of Humanity all over the world.
  8. Scientists will work with our educators to motivate students in their schools, in their relationships, and in their preparations to pursue their careers.
  1. Scientists must help us to understand that God suffers whenever we cause a wrongful death or whenever we succeed in hurting ourselves and/or in hurting others.
  2. Our scientists want to be respectful to God by convincing us to resolve our conflicts with others through through peaceful confrontation rather than through violence.
  3. Our scientists must teach our children and young adults about how God punishes us for thinking that we need to use violence against our brothers and sisters to resolve our conflicts with them.
  4. Scientists must help our young adults to understand about how Humanity can work to recover from a successful effort to cause a wrongful death or to cause many wrongful deaths.
  5. Our scientists have to work with all of our young adult students to convince them to get psychiatric treatment and counseling if they ever feel like participating in the commission of a wrongful death or a suicide.
  6. Scientists will promote peace among all of God's Children all over the world. Scientists will help us to reject hatred and conflict and to accept love and friendship.
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