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We would like to present you with the opportunity to acquire our novels, "Elsewhere, Volume 1 and Volume 2," today. We wanted to create a project that would showcase how our students would reach out to God for help. We wanted to present characters that would go to God for help and that would try to exist without a relationship with God. These projects portray universal problems that exist in mostly all of our schools. We need to address and resolve these issues because of the suffering that these unresolved problems hurt our kids, young adults, parents, educators, religious leaders, and the members of the criminal justice system. We have to save our kids and young adults. We have to make sure that they can get help if they have life threatening psychiatric disorders. We have to make sure that we stop graduating students that will come to exist in incarceration. We have to involve the existence of God in the lives and educations of all of our students. We can only reform education if we involve God in our efforts to do so. Thank you for your interest in our website. We hope that you came away from your visit with interesting thoughts, ideas, and opinions about what we need to do to reform education in the United States of America. Again, thank you very much.
How Would Young Adults Benefit from Reading "Elsewhere?"
  1. Reading this book would help our young adults to understand their relationship with God.
  2. Our novel can help our young adults to understand how God and the Holy Spirit can help them.
  3. Our novel examines the mistakes that our young adults must understand in order to avoid the consequences of engaging in high-risk sexual activities that lead to infections of sexually-transmitted diseases.
  4. Our novel explains why it is very important for parents and educators to send a student for an evaluation and for psychiatric treatment when the student does not respond to normal discipline.
  5. Our novel helps students to understand that the real purpose of sexual intimacy is to work with a partner of the opposite gender and with God to create a new human life.
  6. We discuss the role of God in sexual activity in our novel.
  7. We try to help young adults to understand when it is appropriate to reject a peer group that requires its members to hurt themselves and to hurt others.
  8. Our novel presents the argument to our young adults that they have much more to gain by achieving parenthood than by rejecting parenthood for existing in same-gendered relationships.
  9. Our novel explains the way that God and the Holy Spirit intervene in our young adults' lives to contribute to their academic success.
  10. God chooses a destiny for each and every one of us. Our young adults should understand that they should work with God to understand their destiny and how to achieve their destiny.
  11. Our Presentation encourages students to help fellow students when they are struggling with personal problems or academic problems.
  12. Our novel encourages students to engage in daily prayer.
  13. Our presentation helps students to understand the power of prayer to help them to solve their problems and to end their suffering.
  1. Our novel seeks to help our young adults to find the One True God that exists in their lives.
  2. Our novel helps young adults how to show love for God.
  3. We also show the many ways that we accept love from God.
  4. Our novel analyzes that intervention of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
  5. Our presentation stresses the importance of being able to forgive others that have hurt us and to show remorse to God for the times that we have committed sins and/or crimes.
  6. Our novel discusses issues that deal with under aged dating and under aged sexual activity.
  7. Our presentation encourages our kids and young adults to completely reject the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms.
  8. Our presentation discourages young adults from joining gangs or dealing drugs by showing them what ultimately happens to gang members and drug dealers.
  9. Our novel stresses the importance of educating under aged girls so that they will not become pregnant as under aged minors before the age of eighteen years old.
  10. Our presentation stresses that all human life comes from God.
  11. Our presentation helps our young adults to understand that everything that supports human life on this planet is manufactured by God.
  12. Our presentation helps young adults to understand that God creates all human life in "His Factory of Human Life" which resides inside of a woman's body at the beginning of a pregnancy.
  13. Our novel helps our young adults to understand how to deal with peer conflict in our schools such as bullying.
  14. Our novel stresses the need for strict discipline if our any students that use any kind of violence or the infliction of emotional pain and suffering against another students.
What Can We Expect from Education Reform?
  1. Prayer would be allowed in public, private, and religious schools.
  2. Students would be encouraged to pursue a relationship with God outside of school.
  3. Kids and young adults should get extensive Criminal Justice Training.
  4. Kids and young adults should begin to have Family Planning Training from the time that they first enter puberty.
  5. Substance Abuse Awareness Counseling would teach kids and young adults to completely reject the use of illegal drugs and the use of illegal recreational drugs.
  6. The Firearms Rejection Awareness Program would teach our kids and young adults that it would serve no purpose for any of them to have any to own or to use a firearm.
  7. Group Therapy Programs would be available to students in a particular school district so that students could support each other after do wrong things because of a psychiatric illness.
  1. The Young Adult Alcohol Rejection Program would encourage our kids and young adults to never use alcohol for the rest of their lives because of the way that alcoholic beverages could hurt them.
  2. Unchaperoned dating between a young adult boy and a young adult girl before the age of eighteen years old would be illegal in most schools.
  3. A minimum sentence of six months in juvenile detention for any grammar-school or high-school student that proceeds to violate a young female under aged minor.
  4. Young adults could only use and be trained in how to use birth control after the age of 18 years old.
  5. A young adult girl's family members could face criminal charges for allowing an under aged girl to date a boyfriend that would violate the girl and that would attempt to rape her.
  6. Our students in all schools would recognize the Love of God in all their lives.
How Could You Acquire "Elsewhere, Volume 1 and Volume 2?

Elsewhere Volume 1 and Elsewhere Volume 2 are available for purchase at hundreds of bookstores nationwide. We will just list a few stores here where you can buy Elsewhere Online or in person. We hope that we hope that our Website and our Two-Volume Novel will make a difference in our student's perceptions about education and about God's role in education. Thank you for visiting our website.

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  1. There will be many changes in Humanity's relationships with God in the future.
  2. Our entire Planet Earth will be the home of of our "One Human Nation" which we will name "The Nation of Humanity."
  3. There will be no more death, no more suffering, and no more conflict between our brothers and sisters, and there will be no more conflict between ourselves and God.
  4. We will no long do destructive things to hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others such as using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol.
  5. We will stop using weapons to hurt ourselves and to hurt others. Our brother and sisters will stop dying because of the use of weapons.
  6. We all should understand that God wants us to stay away from substances and mechanisms that can contribute to our self-inflicted injuries and injuring and/or destroying other human lives.
  1. We need to look to scientists to help our brothers and sisters from all over the world to help our brothers and sisters that are detached from God to recognize God and reestablish their relationships with God again.
  2. We must help our brothers and sisters to understand that violence does not accomplish anything for Humanity.
  3. Scientists must work with our behavioral healthcare professionals to help our brothers and sisters that are a threat to themselves and/or that are threats to others.
  4. We do not accomplish much by hurting others or killing others because only because of their expressed intent to hurt us.
  5. There is no such thing as justifying a homicide because our brothers and sisters expressed the intent to hurt themselves and to hurt others.
  6. Scientists should help all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world to find the existence of God in their lives.
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