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We must work with God to Improve Our Schools. We must work with God to save the lives of students that need God's Help and that need our help. We need to intervene in our students' lives so that we do not lose them to substance abuse and incarceration. We must teach our students to go to God for help whenever they feel confused about their lives. Our students should be able to seek psychiatric help when they feel to be a threat to themselves and/or a threat to others. Our students must understand that God loves them. God needs to play a positive role in the lives of all of our students.
What Is the Novel "Elsewhere?"
What Do We Try To Accomplish With This Novel Project?
  1. We try to understand some of the most basic unsolved issues that are current in education.
  2. We try to help the readers the biggest mistakes that young adults will make in our schools.
  3. We try to help the reader to understand the benefits of seeking psychiatric care for students that have mental health issues.
  4. We try to help educators and parents to understand the value of constructive discipline that teaches our students to stop breaking rules without injuring the student.
  5. We try to stress the importance of showing our toddlers and young adults how important it is to pray to God daily.
  1. Our novel shows the benefits of achieving an attachment to God for our students through daily communication with God.
  2. Our novel discusses how God helps those students that are in need of emotional and psychological assistance.
  3. Our novel presents new and previously unpublished theories about Humanity's relationships with God.
  4. We try to define the Existence of God and to understand that God is the Supreme Being that creates all human life.
  5. All of our schools and students answer to God. God is responsible for helping teachers to help students to understand how to read, write, and to use arithmetic.