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God has a personal relationship with all of His students from the time that they are in preschool to the time that they graduate from college. God's relationship with them lasts throughout the rest of their lives. God helps educators to teach students to learn how to read, write, and how to understand math and arithmetic. God teaches our students to use social skills so that they will be able to communicate with their peers. A student feels God's love from parents, siblings, educators, friends, and other family members. God needs to help the Government to reform our schools if our students commit sins and crimes because they do not feel the love of God and the love of others in their lives.
Our Students Need to Work with God To Succeed!!!
  1. All our students need to feel the Love of God.
  2. Our students benefit from responding to the guidance of God.
  3. Our children and young adults learn how to love others through the love that God has for our children.
  4. God wants to help parents to develop their children from the time that their children are born as infants.
  5. God works with our children and young adults to help them to understand how to read, write, and count at very early ages.
  6. God helps children and young adults to respond to discipline.
  7. God has many ways to reward our students for showing exceptional effort and outstanding achievement in their education.
  1. All of God's students feel the Love of God which helps them to succeed in the courses and in their personal efforts to achieve parenthood responsibly.
  2. Our students need to find God through prayer and through their own personal relationship with God.
  3. Students must look to God as a friend that loves them no matter what they do.
  4. Students show love for God by honoring their parents.
  5. Students show love for God by loving their teachers, and classmates.
  6. God works with us to accomplish good things because He wants to love all of us and because He loves us all of the time.
How Does God Communicate with Our Students?
  1. God communicates with our students through prayers.
  2. God tries to talk to our students to help them when they need help.
  3. God talks to students when they feel that others are hurting them.
  4. God talks to young adults about family planning issues.
  5. God works with students to make responsible decisions when they date for the first time.
  6. God wants to warn students about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. God wants to communicate with our young adults about the benefits of staying away from the high risk sexual behaviors that can cost them their lives.
  1. God wants to talk to our students when they need help.
  2. God wants to help our students by helping them to reach out to God when they are struggling in school and in their private lives.
  3. God is personally involved in helping students with psychiatric disorders to attempt to allow them to live normal lives.
  4. God talks to our toddlers and children to help them to learn to love their parents, siblings, teachers, and fellow students.
  5. God helps parents to respond to a crying infant or toddler.
  6. God tries to help students to understand how to forgive others that have hurt them.
What Is God? What Are the Purposes of God?
  1. God creates all human and nonhuman life.
  2. God is the source of all life in the universe.
  3. God maintains the existence of all human and nonhuman life in the Universe.
  4. A woman's body is "God's Factory of Human Life."
  5. God contributes to the happiness and wellbeing of all of His Children who are part of His Human Family that are part of His Creation.
  6. God shows us love and forgiveness as He continues to maintain us as part of His Creation and as part of His Human Family.
  7. God provides us with everything that we need to live everyday at no charge.
  8. God protects us from suffering and pain every minute of everyday.
  1. The main purpose of God is to create all human and nonhuman life.
  2. Another purpose of God is to maintain the existence of the Forces of Good which will promote the healthy creation and maintenance of human life.
  3. God must seek out to find and to disable uprisings of evil that threaten to cause death and destruction throughout His Universe and throughout Humanity.
  4. God brings the souls of deceased persons back to life in other bodies. This is because death is just the end of one life for a soul and it is then a beginning of a new life.
  5. God seeks to achieve an eventual nonexistence of evil throughout His Universe and throughout His Creation.
How Does God Talk With Us? What Is The Holy Spirit?
  1. God generates thoughts in our minds that help us to communicate with Him.
  2. We can talk to God about our issues and concerns through prayer.
  3. God can guide us through our special powers.
  4. God can stream thoughts into our minds in order to help us to deal with simple to life-threatening problems.
  5. God can sometimes guide us to find help through special doctors, teachers, and counselors.
  6. God can encourage our young adults to receive family planning counseling when they are in a dating or in a premarital relationship.
  7. God works with our mentors and peers to teach us the difference between right and wrong.
  8. We should never be afraid to try to have a conversation with God if we feel that we need advice and assistance from a Supreme Being.
  1. The Holy Spirit is an entity of higher intelligence that assisted God and Jesus Christ in their efforts to convince the Citizens of the Roman Empire to reject their belief in the false gods of Rome and Athens and to accept the existence of the One True God of the Jews.
  2. The Holy Spirit has us under observation at all times. It punishes us and/or rewards us according to our conduct.
  3. The Holy Spirit promotes our healthy relationships with God. They guide us through the process of forgiveness when we have hurt our relationship with God.
  4. The Holy Spirit helps scientists and engineers to create inventions, devices, and substances that contribute to our everyday positive way of life.
  5. The Holy Spirit helps us to rebuild our relationships with God and with Humanity when we have committed a crime and/or a sin when we show definite sorrow and remorse for what we have done.
What Was Christ's Mission? The Purposes of a Religion
  1. Jesus was a special prophet that God appointed to convince the Members of Humanity to reject the idea of the existence of the false gods of Rome and Athens. Jesus tried to convince all of us to recognize the existence of a One True God of the Jews.
  2. Jesus taught us the basic ideas and concepts that we would need to learn to begin to develop our relationships with Our One True God.
  3. Jesus taught us that God is very forgiving. God is always looking to rebuild His relationships with us no matter how horrible our sins have been.
  4. God and the Holy Spirit brought Jesus Christ back to life after the Roman Military and the Jews crucified him because God wanted Humanity to understand that no one can destroy a Part of God.
  5. Jesus taught us how much power God and the Holy Spirit can exercise in all of our lives.
  6. Jesus helped us to understand that we are all Part of God. We are all part of God's Eternal Creation which entitles us to enjoy Eternal Life.
  7. Jesus Christ brought our One True God into our lives for the first time in human history.
  1. Religions help us to understand that only One True God exists for Us in the entire Universe.
  2. Religions help us to understand how to communicate with God.
  3. Religion helps us to understand the difference between right and wrong.
  4. Religions help us to receive guidance and support from God and from the Holy Spirit when we are in trouble or when we are in a life-threatening situation.
  5. God and the Holy Spirit reward us for our faith by giving us special powers that help us to deal with out life-threatening problems.
  6. Religions allow us to stay connected to God and to stay connected to the Holy Spirit. They can help us through our successes and through our difficulties in our lives.
  7. Religions allow us to understand that we must recognize our need to recognize the existence of God in our lives. We must understand that God must be involved in many of the relationships that we have and in many of the decisions that we makes.
  8. God and the Holy Spirit watch over all of us. They try to make sure that we can live a safe life and that we obey the Laws of God and the Laws of Society.
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All of our students must understand the importance of praying to God.  Our students must understand the importance of communicating with God at least once a day in their lives.  God can protect our students from getting into trouble.  God can help our students to do well in courses and on exams.  God can help our students to succeed in the major that will help the students to achieve their destiny.  God can help students to resolve life-threatening conflicts that may arise in their lives that may threaten their academic career and their ability to achieve parenthood.  God wants students to find a spouse that is right for them.  God wants to help each individual student to find a spouse for him or her.
Scientists want to know what God does when He manipulates nature.  Scientists want to investigate how God uses nature to support the existence of all life.  Scientists want to extract different types of substances, chemicals, and materials nature with the help of God to create many inventions.  God helps scientists and engineers to discover the building blocks of nature that can be used to created tens-of-thousands of inventions.  Scientists want to know how God manipulates nature to help Him to create human and nonhuman life.  Scientists work with God to manipulate nature into top-secret inventions that help to preserve the balance of power between all nations within Humanity.
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  1. We must reward students for excellent efforts in achieving academic success.
  2. We must be certain that we have trained all of our young adults to be able to make responsible decisions about their sexuality and their sexual behaviors.
  3. We must be sure that we have convinced our young adults to reject negative peer pressure that encourages students to use illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms.
  4. We must encourage students to report any student in a school that might be using illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms to the student's teacher, principal, or to the student's local police department.
  5. We must work with our students to help them to understand they they want to stay away from dope. We need to train our students to reject dope wherever they see it.
  6. Our students must know the consequences of using dope. They must know the life of incarceration that they will face if they attempt to make a living out of using and dealing in illegal drugs.
  1. Science can be a major line of communication between ourselves and God. We can come further to understanding God through scientific investigation.
  2. We must seek to understand God's will for us when we engage in scientific investigations. We must come to understand what God expects from us.
  3. Scientists must come to understand the many different types of roles that God plays in all of our lives.
  4. We must come to understand that God is a Factory That Creates Human and Nonhuman Life.
  5. God creates and maintains nonhuman life in order to support the existence of human life.
  6. God is ready to communicate with us at this point in human history. God wants to become involved in our crises and conflicts.
  7. God wants to possibly authorize the creation of space transportation vehicles that will allow us to explore our Solar System.
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