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We are all brothers and sisters that belong to one human family which is called Humanity.  We all answer to the One True God.  The One True God creates all human and nonhuman life.  The One True God operates a Universe that supports and maintains the existence of all human and nonhuman life.  We must find ways to love and to care for all of our brothers and sisters.  We must be sensitive to the pain and suffering that we cause for God and for all of our brothers and sisters by showing the intent to hurt them and/or to hurt ourselves.  We must collectively look to God and to the Holy Spirit for the inspiration and the guidance that will allow us to bring happiness to ourselves, to Humanity, and to God.
Exploring our Solar System would be the greatest accomplishment in the history of human technological scientific research and development.  Do we deserve the right to build spaceships that will allow us to explore the Solar System?  Would God and the Holy Spirit give us the opportunity to create and to use spaceships that would provide humane living conditions for our astronauts as they would venture throughout our Solar System?  All of our brothers and sisters throughout the world must work together to stop our hatred and violence and to replace those with love, consideration, and affection.  We must prove to God that all of our brothers and sisters sincerely love each other.  That might convince God and the Holy Spirit that we deserve a chance to build the technologies that we would need to build spaceships that would allow us to explore our Solar System.
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  1. We must work with each other as brothers and sisters in order to achieve a final Universal Attachment between Ourselves and God.
  2. We must come to understand that we are all part of one human nation which is the Nation of Humanity.
  3. God did not create us to face incarceration for the rest of our lives.
  4. We must understand that existing in God’s Universe is a privilege and that we must respect God by not being a threat to ourselves and or a threat to others.
  5. We must show remorse to God and to Humanity whenever we have injured and caused pain and suffering for God and for our brothers and sisters in our lives and throughout God’s Human Family.
  6. We need to seek psychiatric treatment when we detect or others detect that we have become a threat to ourselves and/or to others because of a mental illness.
  7. We must all face God together as a family whose all of its members will love each other and will love God.
  8. We must all understand the importance of communicating with God on a daily basis in order to be able to receive His guidance and to fulfill His will for Us.
  9. We must stop expressing the intent that it would benefit us to inflict injuries upon ourselves and/or injuries upon others in front of God and the Holy Spirit.
  1. We must come to understand gravity and electromagnetism if we are going to proceed to achieve higher levels of scientific accomplishment.
  2. We must work to build reusable spaceships that maintain humane living conditions for its astronauts and for its occupants.
  3. Reusable spaceships should be powered by Clean Energy Generators that would provide enough long-term power to take our astronauts to their destination and to bring them home while practically guaranteeing their safety.
  4. We must show God and the Holy Spirit remorse for the ways that we have led them to suffer because of our need to injure ourselves and to injure others.
  5. We need to prove to God and to the Holy Spirit that we love each other and the we no longer want to hurt each other as part of the way that we want to get the authorization to build our Solar Spaceship.
  6. We must achieve an Attachment to God in order to find ways to work to make our efforts to explore space safe and successful for all of our astronauts and other space travelers.
  7. We cannot forget that God and the Holy Spirit will be guiding us when we try to build our Solar Spaceship.
  8. The most important role of scientists in our lives is to increase our standard of living and to help us to realize how important it is to love each other and how to love God.
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We all want to benefit from schools that work.  We want to develop students that will come to love God for the rest of their lives.  We want to teach students about how to be an asset to Humanity.  We want to teach students about the difference between right and wrong.  We want to help students to achieve their God-Given Destiny and to be constructive components of God’s Human Family.  Education must develop our students into adults that love God, that love Humanity, and that love their family members.  Our schools achieve that every day of every school year. Thank you for visiting ElsewhereNovel.Com.
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