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All books should have features that help the reader to have a more realistic view about Humanity. This helps the reader to understand why some of their friends and family members might not being doing as well as they should be doing. We must confront God in our schools. We must confront God in public schools, middle schools, high schools, and in colleges. This book talks about the conflicts that our students and our schools have with God. Every school in the world has some kind of conflict with God. We have to take the feelings and suffering of God into consideration when we embark on a journey to fix our schools' problems.
How Do We Talk About God's Issues In Our Schools?
We Must Teach Our Students To Communicate With God About Their Issues.
  1. Our students must understand that God has a presence in all of their lives.
  2. We can only achieve success when we work with God.
  3. God and the Holy Spirit help us to achieve success in our schools.
  4. God and the Holy Spirit help us to achieve our academic objectives.
  5. God helps us to find a possible candidate for marriage before we graduate from our schools.
  6. We must work with God to achieve our family planning objectives.
  7. Educators must teach us to have a place in our lives for God.
  8. We must work with God to make the right decisions about how to proceed with our sexual activities.
  1. Our schools should help us to understand that God created all of us inside of God's Factory of Human Life inside of our mother's body.
  2. Our schools must help our students to understand that God keeps us alive by providing us with food, water, and everything else that we need to live as part of Humanity..
  3. We must recognize the Existence of God in our lives very seriously in childhood and young adulthood when we are in our schools.
  4. Our schools should teach us about how to love God and how to receive love from God and from others.
  5. Our schools should help our young adults to understand that children and young adults that are close to God are less likely to face incarceration.
What Have We Tried To Accomplish In Our Novel?
  1. We want students to read about the God that loves them and that lives within their lives.
  2. We want to help our young adults to make responsible decisions about their sexual behaviors and the dating activities.
  3. We want to talk about the role that God play in the lives of all of our students, parents, and educators.
  4. We want to help students to go to God for help when they need divine intervention in their lives because a tragedy has happened to them.
  1. We want students to understand that God creates life in God's Factory of Human Life inside of a woman.
  2. We want students to truly understand the difference between the joy of childbirth versus the their feelings during an abortion.
  3. We want to emphasize the dangers and consequences of under aged dating and of under aged sexual activity.
  4. We want to argue a case against the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and firearms directly in front or our children and young adult students.
Advanced Readability The Structure of "Elsewhere"
  1. Elsewhere is written in a basic reading level so that the content is understandable by students and adults of all ages.
  2. We not use words that are confusing or that are no longer part of the vocabulary of the English language.
  3. There are very few passive sentences in "Elsewhere."
  4. All chapters follow a time line. We state the point in time of the story at the beginning of every chapter.
  5. We make the dialogue between characters very understandable by limiting the use of pronouns.
  6. We want this book to be as readable as it can be for our young adults of all ages. We are advocates for reforms that will help young adults to come to live a happy life by finding God.
  1. The Novel "Elsewhere" Is published in two volumes.
  2. The total word count for this novel exceeds 500,000 words.
  3. There is no mention of race, racist statements, or any character that would discussed in terms of race.
  4. "Elsewhere" is a month-by-month account of the life of the main character, Joseph Klinger, from the time that he starts the first grade to the time that he graduates from grammar school over an eight-year period.
  5. "Elsewhere" contains no romantic scenes contains no derogatory remarks about sexual activity.
  6. "Elsewhere" talks about issues that are related to our religious beliefs in a respectful manner.
Family Planning Discussions Religious Discussions
  1. We discuss various respectful and new ways to present family planning issues with our young adults.
  2. We develop ways to teach our young adults about the consequences of engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors.
  3. We talk about young girls and how they should strongly consider the consequences of under aged sexual activity and of an under aged pregnancy.
  4. We must talk to our young adults about issues that pertain to contraception or birth control.
  5. We talk about young adult dating issues that young adults and adults face.
  6. We must help our young adults to have the knowledge and training to make responsible decisions about abortions.
  1. We present theories about our relationships with God as part of the plot of the story in a fictitious setting.
  2. We discuss advanced theories about the goals, purposes, and achievements of Moses and Jesus Christ.
  3. These discussions help us to understand the nature of God and to understand what God expects from us.
  4. These discussions help us to explain how God communicates with our children, young adults, and adults.
  5. Students hear the purposes of God and of the world's religions.
  6. We want to help students to understand how God feels about violence, illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms.
Criminal Justice Discussions Student Behavioral Healthcare
  1. We must make sure that we train our children and young adults about the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
  2. We present various topics that are of concern to young adults and law enforcement officials.
  3. We talk about the dangers of using illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms.
  4. We must create a dialogue that would open a line of communication between high-risk young adults and law enforcement agencies.
  5. We present the realities of a life of crime in a graphic language for our children and young adults.
  6. Our schools are responsible for educating our students so that they will not face arrests, substance abuse, long-term unemployment, incarcerations, and/or a detachment from God.
  7. Our schools must work together with municipal and federal law enforcement agencies to make sure that our kids will know better than to commit crimes for the rest of their lives.
  1. We discuss strategies that we could use to try to provide psychiatric treatment to students in all schools that express the intent to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others.
  2. We talk about the roles that psychiatrists and psychotherapists would play to help students that would have mental illnesses and behavioral disorders in our schools.
  3. We talk about how our relationship with God can help us to overcome the pain and suffering of mental illness and behavioral disorders.
  4. We discuss the consequences that educators, parents, family members, and schools face when they fail to understand that they must provide psychiatric care and psychotherapy for all students that express an intent to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others.
  5. We discuss the benefits of successful behavioral health intervention in a crisis where students are suffering from behavioral disorders.
  6. We can look to a day when we will have special treatment programs that will help our mentally ill kids and young adults to function normally.
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We hurt God by demonstrating to Him that we have the willful intent to hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others.  We hurt God by intentionally committing crimes.  We hurt God by engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors that can result in an infection of a sexually transmitted disease.  We hurt God when we refuse to help our brothers and sisters that need our help during a disaster in their lives.  We hurt God by having an abortion which causes a miscarriage that ends a pregnancy.  God becomes sick when His effort to create and to develop a new human life ends in the tragedy of an induced miscarriage.  A divorce very much hurts God.  God hurts for the couple’s kids.  God hurts for the pain that all their family members feel at the end of the relationship.


God makes sure that the Universe will produce enough water, food, oxygen, oil, and energy to sustain all human and nonhuman life.  We have to respect God as the Single Supreme Being that keeps us alive in His Universe.  God utilizes many special powers to make sure that the ecosystem of a planet that must support human life and nonhuman life works properly so that He can support life continuously on that planet.  God is a Biological Engineer that designs the content of fruits, vegetables, insects, bacteria, animals, and viruses.  God custom designs all human beings.  God wants to design human beings so that they will have a unique identity.  It is miraculous that God Creates so much life as the most powerful biological engineer in the Universe.

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  1. God and the Holy Spirit do not support divorces.
  2. God and the Holy Spirit work with the husband and wife to help them to find peace with each other.
  3. God can have subtle ways to ask a husband and a wife to go into therapy for marriage counseling.
  4. God wants a husband and wife that are considering to separate and to divorce each other to look to Him and to the Holy Spirit to help them to save their marriages.
  5. God works with a couple's kids in an effort to try to get the kids to help them to reconsider their plans to proceed to separate.
  1. We must teach our students about how to find God by pursuing an interest in science.
  2. Our children and young adults can look for God and may find God through prayer and scientific investigation.
  3. We must teach our children and young adults about the benefits of finding God through scientific research and scientific investigations.
  4. We must encourage students to understand that God creates all human and nonhuman life.
  5. Our teachers should encourage students to consider science as a career.
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