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Endeavor Research Inc. Encourages Constructive Discipline for Our Students
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There Comes a Time When Parents and Educators Face a Situation When a Students Will Break the Rules and/or Will Attempt To Hurt Himself or Herself and/or Will Attempt To Hurt Others. Discipline Is Not About Hurting a Student for Making a Mistake. Discipline Is About Showing Mercy For a Student That Has Made a Mistake. Part of Discipline is Helping The Student To Receive Psychiatric Treatment. Another Part of Discipline Is About Enrolling the Student In a Psychotherapy Program or a Psychological Counseling Program. Parents and Educators Must Learn How To Forgive Students for Their Wrongdoings So That The Students Can Go On With Their Lives After Facing Respectable Discipline That Does Not Emotionally Injure the Student.
Why Do We Need Discipline In Our Schools?
  1. Our students need to learn the difference between right and wrong.
  2. Our students must learn from their efforts to break rules, to break laws, and to commit sins.
  3. Students must understand what is wrong with their behaviors.
  4. Students can achieve a higher level of success when they have learned from their mistakes and misconceptions.
  5. Students must understand that God does not tolerate the intent of anyone to hurt himself and/or to hurt others.
  6. Students must understand that they answer to God and that God will punish them severely if they keep making the same mistakes after they ignore their discipline.
  7. The discipline that our students face in our schools tends to help them to choose not to commit crimes or to become a substance abuser later in their lives.
  8. God wants to save students from making the mistakes and from committing the crimes that would cause them to face prosecution and incarceration.
  9. God wants our students to graduate from their schools with the best possible chances of achieving a legitimate career and to achieve parenthood without committing crimes and sins.
  1. God wants to work with the Holy Spirit and with our students to give them the best possible chance that they will succeed in their careers and in their relationships.
  2. God wants our schools to train our young adults to be able to discipline kids and young adults properly in preparation for the day when they will have to discipline their children.
  3. Educators answer to God in the way that they detect a problem in a student's behaviors that may lead to misbehaviors that warrant discipline.
  4. The ultimate goal of discipline is to help our students understand that they cannot commit crimes and use drugs without destroying their lives and by destroying the the lives of their loved ones.
  5. Discipline helps students to understand that they answer to God. God watches over all of them when they succeed and when they fail. God does not want them to fail in their lives because of a lack of discipline.
  6. Students feel the presence of God when they face discipline. They feel the love of God that is trying to save their lives so that they can avoid substance abuse and incarceration.
What Is Discipline? What Is Constructive Discipline?
  1. Discipline is a combination of efforts to educate children and young adults about the dangers of committing sins and crimes, engaging in high-risk behaviors, and engaging in destructive and self-destructive behaviors.
  2. Discipline helps children and young adults to understand the difference between acceptable behaviors and unacceptable behaviors.
  3. Discipline imposes penalties upon children and young adults for misbehavior and for engaging in offensive behaviors. This is an effort to teach students the difference between right and wrong.
  4. Discipline helps children and young adults to understand what God expects from them.
  5. We must welcome children and young adults back into the student community after they have responded completely to discipline.
  1. Constructive Discipline seeks to educate students about the difference between right and wrong without inflicting harm and/or causing the student to feel pain.
  2. Constructive Discipline helps children and young adults to understand the consequences that await them if they continue to engage in destructive and self-destructive behaviors in order to convince them to end those behaviors.
  3. Constructive Discipline helps our children and young adults to understand what God and the Holy Spirit expects from them after they have made a mistake or series of mistakes that require disciplinary action against the students.
  4. Constructive Discipline seeks to change a student's behaviors through counseling, support, and positive family and peer participation.
  5. Constructive discipline helps children and young adults to understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.
What Is Destructive Discipline? What Is God's Role In Discipline?
  1. Destructive Discipline is an effort to inflict pain, physical and emotional harm on a child and/or a young adult that has violated school policies or has committed a crime in school.
  2. Destructive Discipline gives a confused child or young adult with limited options when asking for forgiveness or for a second chance at life in school.
  3. Destructive Discipline can detach a child and/or a young adult from his or her studies because of suspensions, expulsions, and other forms of discipline. This type of discipline would progress to continue to cause life-threatening behaviors in child or young adult.
  4. Destructive Discipline can cause self-destructive and destructive behaviors in children and young adults. These destructive behaviors would happen in response to repeated injuries from adult efforts to discipline and even to destroy the child and/or the young adult.
  5. Destructive Discipline attempts to solve a student's behavioral problems by inflicting psychological harm and hardship upon the student. Destructive discipline detaches a student from his or her peer groups and causes humiliation and depression in front of a school's student community.
  1. God has all of our students under surveillance. He always identifies the students that are getting into trouble and that need assistance.
  2. God will not tolerate destructive and/or self-destructive behaviors among our children and young adults. God has established numerous resources to help our children and young adults to respond to discipline.
  3. God works with the Holy Spirit, the Criminal Justice System, Behavioral Health Professionals, the Medical Community, His Organization of Teachers, and the Government to work together to find ways to discipline children and young adults in a constructive manner.
  4. God tries to communicate with us when He senses that we are destructive to ourselves and/or destructive to others. God tries to guide us in order to get us help.
  5. God helps all of us to respond to discipline and to help us from the mistakes that damage our relationships with God and the Holy Spirit. We have to stop offending God and the Holy Spirit in order to live productive lives.
  6. God tries very hard to prevent us from committing a sin and/or a crime that will cost us our freedom for the rest of our lives.
What Is Cruel and Unusual Punishment? What Does Discipline Accomplish?
  1. The main goal of discipline is to teach students that bad behaviors must stop happening.
  2. Educators should refrain from imposing life-threatening disciplinary actions against children and young adults.
  3. Expulsions, suspensions, and humiliations are unacceptable attacks against a student's status in the school.
  4. A student's academic career should not end or be threatened by misbehavior that is guided by immaturity. Behavioral health professionals must help to reform students so that they can rejoin their peer groups in their schools.
  5. All children and young adults should be forgiven for bad behaviors because they are at an age when they do not know better than to make a mistake.
  6. All students deserve forgiveness after they have broken the rules. The also deserve psychiatric care and criminal justice counseling so that they will understand the difference between right and wrong.
  7. Our goal is to treat every child with respect and dignity. We should use constructive techniques to discipline students.
  1. Discipline seeks to educate students about what are acceptable behaviors and what are not acceptable behaviors.
  2. Discipline seeks to warn students about of the consequences, penalties, and punishments that await them because of their repeated efforts to antagonize God through their offensive behaviors.
  3. Discipline gives a child or a young adult the opportunity to show remorse for what he or she has done to offend God and the Holy Spirit. God helps young adults to understand that He does not tolerate bad behaviors.
  4. Discipline is the first step toward helping a student to repair his or her relationship with God. God and young adults can work with mentors to help them to find God in their lives again.
  5. Emerging from discipline is a new beginning for a child or young adult. God, peer groups, mentors, and family members can welcome the student back into his school and into his peer groups after being reformed by discipline.
  6. The most important goal of discipline is to make sure that it will be next to impossible that a student will ever be charged with the commission of a crime.
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We exist as the children of God.  All of us are brothers and sisters of each other.  We exist as one family which is called Humanity.  We exist because God created us out of the love that He wanted to have for us.  God created us so that we could love each other.  God created us because He needs all of us to love Him.  God created us because He needs us to work with partners of the opposite gender to work with Him to create, to develop, and to maintain human life.  God needs us to love Him.  God needs us to stay out of incarceration.  God needs to forgive us for what we do wrong within Humanity.  God wants to give us a second chance to love each other after one or more of our brothers and sisters have tried to hurt us.  We must be forgiving of our brothers and sisters because God is forgiving of us.
Psychiatrists are medical scientists that work to save the lives of those of us that are detached from God.  They try to stop their patients to reject thoughts of hurting themselves and of hurting others.  That kind of encouragement is generated and is sponsored by God and by the Holy Spirit.  Psychiatrists can use different medications and therapies to help a patient to understand that he or she cannot betray God by trying to hurt himself or herself and/or by trying to hurt others.  Special psychiatric medications can help a patient to come closer to communicating with God and to becoming more sociable.  The patients then can avoid incarceration.  That is one of the goals of the Science of Psychiatry.
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  1. Students can also receive counseling from the Holy Spirit as well as from God.
  2. Students must come to understand that the Holy Spirit is an extremely powerful and intelligent force that is part of God.
  3. Students should come to understand that the Holy Spirit loves and cares for all of us.
  4. The Holy Spirit works with God to help all of our brothers and sisters to come together throughout all over the world to stop hatred and violence.
  5. The Holy Spirit works with scientists and engineers to help them to develop newer and more state of the art inventions.
  6. The Holy Spirit guides all of our doctors and medical professionals. The Holy Spirit helps our medical professionals to make Humanity a better existence.
  1. We must understand that Medical Scientists such as psychiatrists and psychotherapists are there to help our kids when they are in need of help.
  2. Our goal in education is to develop students that will honor God and Humanity.
  3. We want to teach our children to stay away from illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.
  4. We want to teach our children the difference between right and wrong.
  5. We want our children to live productive lives outside of incarceration and outside the commission of crimes.
  6. We ask God to save the lives of our children and young adults by working with scientists to guide them down the right path.
  7. Scientists work for God with the goal making Humanity better for all of us.
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