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All schools exist with some level of conflict between students, teachers, parents, and others such as law enforcement officers and the officials that conduct standardized testing programs for their schools. Students can become irrational and combative when they have to deal with raging hormones for the first time. Students can become sick when they must come to decide what their sexual orientation will be. Students can become irrational when they try to have a relationship with a person of the opposite gender for the first time. Parents and educators sometimes do not understand how to deal with students in grammar schools and high schools that want to date and to become sexually active. We try to discuss these issue in our novel, "Elsewhere." Let us look at the issues in our novel more closely.
What Are Some of The Conflicts That Exist In Our Schools?
  1. Some students face occasional to frequent problems with behavioral Issues.
  2. Raging Hormones in young adulthood can lead them to engage in destructive behaviors.
  3. Our schools do not give our students adequate training and warnings about the dangers of substance abuse issues.
  4. We do not offer family planning counseling for all students that need to make decisions about under aged sexual activity.
  5. Our young adults do not understand that under aged dating can lead sexual activity, birth control, and confusion about their sexual orientation.
  6. Young adults in our high schools and colleges do not get any training about how to avoid the dangers of high-risk behaviors that lead to the infections of sexually transmitted diseases and eventually lead to an under aged or teenage pregnancy.
  1. Our students do not understand the roles that God plays in their lives throughout the time that they exist in schools.
  2. Our schools do little to encourage our students to pray and to talk to God when they really need help.
  3. We must help our students to understand the way that the male reproductive system and the way that the female reproductive systems function.
  4. We must talk to virginal boys and girls about birth control and about consummation issues.
  5. Our students do not completely understand the way that God punishes us when we offend Him with our sexual behaviors by infecting us with sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. We must punish male undergraduates for raping and for violating the sexuality of young girls in our schools before they have graduated.
How Do We Defeat Conflict in Our Schools?
  1. Our students must pray on a daily basis.
  2. Our students must understand that their teachers love them.
  3. Our students must understand they must show love and affection for their peers in their schools.
  4. We must train our students to go to God if they need to get help with their problems and issues.
  5. We can help our students with behavioral disorders to feel support and love from classmates and teachers so that they will stop their misbehaviors.
  6. Our students must face rewards for a combination of excellent effort and impressive academic achievement.
  1. We must warn our students about the dangers of under aged alcohol abuse and use of illegal drugs.
  2. We must warn our students about the consequences of under aged sexual activities.
  3. We must warn our students to take God's advice before they will hurt themselves by committing crimes.
  4. Our student must understand that we have a loving and forgiving God.
  5. Our students must understand how to show remorse for what he or she has done wrong.
  6. We must train young adult students to date responsibly.
Joseph Klinger's Conflicts Young Adult Conflicts
  1. Joseph Klinger, the main character, tries very hard to maintain a good relationship with God throughout the eight years of the story.  Joseph tries to maintain very good behaviors even though he remains under psychiatric treatment throughout the duration of the story.  Joseph is a good student that is guided by good forces.  Joseph does not have hurtful thoughts about those who he feels might be trying to hurt him.  His conflicts with others continue through the story.
  2. The faculty and the parish give young adult girls the impression that they have the permission of the school to engage in dating and premarital relationships.  They recognize the grammar school as a dating service for young adults. 
  3. Some students have been getting good grades on report cards through curving of their grades on their exams.  The authorities finally discover this when the school comes under investigation when Joseph is in the fifth grade.  Everyone wants to blame Joe as the troublemaker for causing the grade-curving scandal to go public.
  4. This school seems to tolerate bullying and taunting.  The faculty seems to tolerate intimate behaviors between students on school grounds and on school buses.
  5. The students taunt and tease Joseph for not meeting the requirements of the peer groups of the school.
  1. Young adults were attempting to engage in sexual activity with no intent to conceive and with no capacity to take on the responsibility of parenthood.
  2. The children and young adults were not adequately preparing for vocational certifications.
  3. Young adults were compromising their educations while seeking to engage in sexual relationships with other young adults.
  4. Many students were experimenting with illegal drugs.
  5. Many students were hurting their relationships with God by trying to hurt themselves and to hurt others.
  6. The behaviors of young adults were offending their relationships with God by caring more about obtaining a premarital partner than by furthering their studies and education.
  7. The students were rejecting the values that they had been learning in their religious training throughout their undergraduate years in St. Cleo's Grammar School.
  8. Students were not looking for guidance from God through prayer.  Students were attempting to ignore the influence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
  9. Our Students need to try harder to try to find God in their lives and to spend less time in trying to elevate the conflict between each other in the school.
Family Planning Issues Criminal Justice Issues
  1. Students in St. Cleo's Grammar School were engaged in protected and unprotected sexual activities.
  2. Students were trying to engage in sexual activity with under aged minors.
  3. Students were unaware of the consequences of their sexual behaviors such as an unplanned pregnancy and transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases. 
  4. Students were trying to find a premarital partner for marriage by graduation from high school.
  5. The students were very promiscuous in the way that they were "playing the field" in order to find a pre-engagement relationship.
  6. The students were not trained in the use of birth control and did not have the income to obtain various forms of birth control.
  7. The students did not know how to protect themselves against the transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases.
  8. The kids could not understand how they were hurting each other, both emotionally and physically, by attempting to pursue sexual relationships as young adults.
  9. It is very difficult for a young adult girl to recover from a under aged pregnancy.
  1. The students did not understand that under aged sexual activity is illegal.  Having a sexual encounter with a minor is illegal.
  2. A girl's parents are responsible if she is hurt in a relationship with a boyfriend if she is a minor that is under the age of eighteen years old.
  3. The gang members thought that they could just distribute drugs throughout the Effitsville County without answering to law enforcement.
  4. Principals and teachers are responsible if they do not discipline boys in grammar schools that are trying to rape and/or to molest young adult girls that go to school with them.
  5. Students cannot continue to be part of the student body if they refuse to respond to discipline.  Students that break the rules and that commit crimes have to be disciplined in a fair manner.  They will have the attitude that they can get away with it endlessly until something horrible will happen.
  6. Educators and law enforcement officers have to make it perfectly clear to our young adults that smoking, drinking alcohol, and abusing illegal drugs are absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any grammar school, middle school, or high school.
Joseph Klinger's Psychiatric Issues Joseph's Treatment Team Issues
  1. Joseph is a child that is diagnosed with psychiatric disorders at a very young age in the first grade.  He begins taking the medications in the first grade and continues under medical treatment and psychotherapy during the entire time that he is in grammar school.
  2. Joseph suffers from "Growing Pains" when he faces intense peer pressure to find a girlfriend from his classmates and from his best friend, Clarence Fulbright.  His therapist, Ellen Hayes, and his parents would rather see Joe dating in as a senior in high school or in college.
  3. Joseph has a strong interest in his relationship with God.  He believes that God and Jesus Christ are important parts of his life.  He does not understand why God allows so much conflict to exist in this school when Joe is such a good person.
  4. His affection for Chrissie Hilbert is met by the pain of her rejection of Joseph for other boys.  One of the boys belongs to a local gang that had been taunting Joe for years.
  5. There were other conflicts that made Joseph feel rejected by his peer groups.  He discusses his pain throughout the story with Ellen Hayes, his psychotherapist. 
  6. Joseph Klinger tries hard to function normally even though he has a psychiatric disorder and needs medication to help him to function.
  7. Joseph is a model protagonist. He will not pursue illegal drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, participation in destructive peer groups, and/or reckless and will not participate in irresponsible sexual behaviors. Joe's relationship with God helps him to understand the difference between right and wrong despite his exposure to negative peer pressure.
  1. Joseph's therapist, Ellen Hayes, and psychiatrist, Marcus Adams, care very much about Joseph's upbringing and medical treatment.  They try hard to make sure that Joseph will live up to his potential in school.
  2. Ellen Hayes detects that something is wrong with the students of St. Cleo's Grammar School when Joseph is in the fourth grade.  Joseph became very sick because of the way that the kids were taunting him.
  3. Under aged dating in the school was making the employees of the Effitsville Behavioral Health Center and Effitsville Family Planning Center very concerned.  Their counselors started to work together to try to understand how to help young minors that were dreaming of getting pregnant by the time that they would reach sixteen years old.
  4. The treatment team was also alerted to an academic crisis that involved the federal authorities.  Some students were not doing well on standardized exams.  St. Cleo's Grammar School then came under investigation by the federal authorities.  The team felt that Joseph did not deserve this stress because he was a good student that would get exceptional grades on the standardized exams.
  5. The team also heard rumors of gang-related drug use throughout Effitsville County.  They were very upset that certain drug dealers were trying to give illegal drugs to kids on the streets.  The team did not want to bring this problem to the attention of the authorities because they felt that it was not their job to prosecute drug dealers. However, young adult substance abuse problems would require behavioral health treatment sooner or later.
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Everybody commits a sin or a crime at one time or another.  God is there to forgive us when we show remorse for what we have done wrong.  We must show that we are sorry for hurting ourselves and/or for hurting others.  We must show that we will never have the intent to commit the same sin or crime ever again in front of God.  We must promise God that we will do everything that we can to compensate the people that we have hurt through our actions.  We must express our own sorrow because of the suffering that we have caused for God and for our brothers and sisters in our communities and/or all over the world.  We must pray to God for the guidance that will help us to understand that we can never make the same mistake again.


The Holy Spirit is an Entity of Higher Intelligence that worked with God and Jesus Christ to bring down and to destroy the Roman Empire.  The Holy Spirit works with scientists and engineers all over the world to stimulate the development of scientific theories and technological inventions.  The Holy Spirit can help Engineers to find ways to begin a project of an invention.  They can then work with engineers and scientists to use materials that come from nature and from other sources of chemicals and materials to continue to assemble the project until the project comes to succeed to function.  The project will function according to its specifications if the engineers and scientists followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit correctly.  The Holy Spirit is a resource of achievement for all of our scientists and engineers.

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  1. It is very important for students to understand how God materializes in their lives.
  2. Students have to understand that their food, water, and everything else that they need to use to live and that they take for granted comes from God and from nature.
  3. God tries to guide his students in their schoolwork and in their activities outside of school.
  4. God is a healing force that helps us to deal with grief when we have to recover from a tragic loss of life or from a devastating natural disaster.
  5. God guides our students by helping them to understand how to read, to write, and to socialize with others.
  6. God does the best that he can do to keep our students out of trouble.
  7. God tries to steer all of our students in the right direction. He tries to stop our young students from making mistakes that they will later regret.
  1. The Theory of Everything is a project that will lead us to find God.
  2. We will accomplish the highest level of achievement in God's Universe.
  3. We will always work with God to help Him to create Human and Nonhuman life.
  4. We will show love for God by working to achieve parenthood.
  5. We will all work with God and a spouse of the opposite gender to conceive and to develop human life.
  6. All scientists deserve to understand how the Universe functions.
  7. Our scientists want to investigate how God's Creation keeps all human and nonhuman life alive.
  8. We want to work with scientists to understand our universe so that we can work with God to make it a better universe.
  9. God wants to bond with us through the efforts of scientists and engineers.
  10. God wants us to investigate Him through the efforts of His scientists.
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