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We must work with God to Improve Our Schools. We must work with God to save the lives of students that need God's Help and that need our help. We need to intervene in our students' lives so that we do not lose them to substance abuse and incarceration. We must teach our students to go to God for help whenever they feel confused about their lives. Our students should be able to seek psychiatric help when they feel to be a threat to themselves and/or a threat to others. Our students must understand that God loves them. God needs to play a positive role in the lives of all of our students.
What Is the Novel "Elsewhere?"
What Do We Try To Accomplish With This Novel Project?
  1. We try to understand some of the most basic unsolved issues that are current in education.
  2. We try to help the readers understand the biggest mistakes that young adults will make in our schools.
  3. We try to help the reader to understand the benefits of seeking psychiatric care for students that have mental health issues.
  4. We try to help educators and parents to understand the value of constructive discipline that teaches our students to stop breaking rules without injuring the student.
  5. We try to stress the importance of showing our toddlers. children, and young adults how important it is to pray to God daily.
  1. Our novel shows the benefits of achieving an attachment to God for our students through their daily communication with God.
  2. Our novel discusses how God helps those students that are in need of emotional and psychological assistance.
  3. Our novel presents new and previously unpublished theories about Humanity's relationships with God.
  4. We try to define the Existence of God and to understand that God is the Supreme Being that creates all human life.
  5. All of our schools and students answer to God. God is responsible for helping teachers to help students to understand how to read, write, and to use arithmetic.
How Would Our Young Adults Benefit from Reading Our Novel?
  1. We want to emphasize the importance of prayer in a child's life.
  2. We want young adults to understand that they answer to God with their sexuality.
  3. We must warn young adults about the dangers of under aged dating and of under aged sexual activities.
  4. We try to warn our kids and young adults about the dangers of high-risk sexual behaviors.
  5. We try to warn our kids and young adults about the dangers of dealing with sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. We want our young adults to feel free to go to God and to have a conversation with Him when they feel that they really need help from a Higher Power.
  1. Our young adults have to learn to reject bad peer pressure that hurts them.
  2. Our kids and young adults must recognize the existence of God in their lives through daily prayer.
  3. God wants to help our kids and young adults to understand the consequences of using illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.
  4. God wants our kids and young adults to understand the consequences of using a weapon to injure or to kill another person or to commit a crime.
  5. This is a fictitious project that helps young adults to understand how to stay out of trouble by turning to the love of God during their whole lives.
What Is The Basic of the Plot of Elsewhere?
Joseph Klinger was a Handsome Boy. He Was Under Psychiatric Treatment from the Time That He Was In the First Grade to the Time That He Graduated from St. Cleo's Grammar School in the Eighth Grade. He Was an Aggressive Student That Pursued His Studies and Coursework with the Strong Intent to Learn and to Accomplish Productive Achievements from What He Would Learn in His Courses. He Was Also a Very Religious Student That Eagerly Pursued His Relationship With God By Studying His Religious Classes and Coursework. Joseph Becomes the Target of Ridicule When St. Cleo's Grammar School Faces Closure and a Conversion to a Public Middle School. They Authorities Had Discovered That Many of The Students of St. Cleo's Grammar School Had Fallen Behind In Their Studies. This Is a Story about How Joseph Klinger Worked To Survive the Conflict Between All Parties Involved That Threatened To Hold Him Responsible for The Possible Conversion of St. Cleo's Grammar School into a Public Middle School. It is a Story About How People Wanted To Love Joseph and Others That Needed To Try to Hurt Him.
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Features In Novel Page God In Education Page
  1. We Talk About the Advanced Features of the Novel "Elsewhere" on This Page.
  2. We Talk about Advanced Readability. The Novel Discusses Advanced Concepts in Religions, Medicine, Education, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, the Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, and the Criminal Justice System.
  3. We Wrote the Book So That a Fifth-Grade Student Could Read It and to Understand It. We Want This to Be a Project That Will Benefit Our Young Adults of All Ages. It would Make No Sense To Write It On a Level That Would Leave Them Lost If They Were To Try To Read It.
  4. Our Novel Discusses Never-Before-Published Theories about the Existence and the Development of Our Relationships with God and with the Holy Spirit Throughout Our Lifetimes.
  5. Our Book Encourages Readers to Open Up a Fresh Dialogue with God and with the Holy Spirit. We Encourage Readers to Feel Free to Communicate with God and with the Holy Spirit to Find Help and Advice That Can Help Them with Their Problems.
  6. This Novel Shows How Love That Comes From God Can Help Us To Help Others and to Help Ourselves in Times of Conflict and Unfair Treatment.
  7. Joseph's Relationships with God and With the Holy Spirit Helped Him to Prevail Over Those Who Were Trying Hurt Him for No Reason.
  8. This Is a Story about the Way That the Forces of Good Can Defeat the Forces of Evil in a Parochial Grammar School.
  9. The Story Behind This Book Is Based on an Actual Parochial School Closing in New Jersey in the mid-nineteen-eighties.
  1. We Recognize That God Plays a Role In The Development of All Human Life.
  2. God Plays a Role in the Lives in a Husband and Wife when He Responds to Their Intimacy for One Another by Presenting Them with the Gift of a New Human Life in the Form of a Baby.
  3. God Plays Major Roles in the Academic, Social, and Physical Development of All our students.
  4. God Tries to Groom Young Adults to Pursue the Achievement of Parenthood by Helping Them To Understand the Wonderful Things That They Will Gain By Being Parents for Him.
  5. God Helps Students to Obtain Essential Skills Like Reading and Arithmetic. God Works with Teachers to Help Students to Grasp Course Materials and the Concepts That Teachers Expect Them to Learn.
  6. God and the Holy Spirit Help Students to Understand How to Be Sociable and What Constitutes Acceptable and Non-acceptable Behaviors.
  7. God Becomes Sick When a Young Adult Relationship Between an Under Aged Boy and an Under Aged Girl can lead to an Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy. It is the Responsibility of Parents and Educators to Stop This from Happening.
  8. God wants to Develop All His Young Adults to Become Parents. Many of Them Would Prefer to Engage in Same-Gendered and Parent less Relationships.
  9. Adults That Choose to Reject Parenthood and Marriage Put a Limit to the Amount of Human Lives That God Can Create and to Develop All Over the World.
  10. God is Part of Our Education in All Our Schools. That means public schools, private schools, and parochial schools.
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Young Adults in Education Page Conflicts In Our Novel Page
  1. We Talk About the Stresses that Kids Face When They Confront Young Adulthood.
  2. We Can Talk About Ways That Our Kids Can Differentiate Between Good Peer Pressure and Bad Peer Pressure. We Must Teach Our Kids to Accept Positive Peer Pressure and to Reject Negative Peer Pressure.
  3. Our Young Adults Need to Understand That Sexual Behaviors Are Part of Our Relationship with God Because It Is the Way That We Because It Is The Way That We Work With a Partner of the Opposite Gender and with God to Create and to Develop a New Human Life.
  4. Our Young Adults Must Understand the Dangers of Falling Into the Trap of Substance Abuse Disorders. They Do Not Want to Face the Consequences of Becoming Addicted to Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, and/or Tobacco.
  5. Young Adults Must Understand the Roles That God Plays in All Our Lives. God and the Holy Spirit Oversee the Development of Kids and Young Adults.
  6. We Must Work with Behavioral Health Professionals to Stop Our Kids and Young Adults from Engaging In Criminal Behaviors. Educators Cannot Just Allow Students To Become Threats To-Themselves and Threats to the Members of Their Communities.
  7. We Want All Young Adults to Live as Productive and Successful Members of God's Human Family.
  8. Young Adults Should Be Responsible When They Make Decisions about Their Sexual Orientation.
  1. Joseph KIinger Is the Main Character. He Faces Conflict Throughout the Time That He Is in Grammar School. Good Peer Pressure and Bad Peer Pressure Manipulate Him While He Is in Grammar Schools.
  2. Joseph Exists in a Grammar School Where Students Are Very Interested in Finding Premarital Partners for Dating and for Possible Marriage after Graduation from High School. Joseph Has Conflict with the Other Kids Because He May Want to Delay His Dating Activities.
  3. Joe and His Friends Cannot Escape the Negative Peer Pressure from Their Fellow Classmates, Drug Dealers, and Gang Members in His Community.
  4. Joseph Remains Under Psychiatric Care from The Time That He Begins Grammar School in the First Grade Until He Graduates from Grammar School in the Eighth Grade. His Therapist and Psychiatrist Try to Steer Joe in The Right Direction Despite the Negative Peer Pressure That He Encounters.
  5. Teachers in St. Cleo's Grammar School Make a Tough Decision. They Decide To Give Their Students Good Grades on Their Report Cards Even Though They May Be Getting Poor Grades on Examinations.
  6. The Authorities Come To Think That Something Is Wrong When Most Students Do Poorly on Standardized Exams In St. Cleo's Grammar School Except for Joseph Klinger.
  7. Joseph's Relationship with God Is in Jeopardy when The Students in His School Pressure Him To Do Things That Might Be Harmful To Him and to Others in His School.
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Discipline In Education Page Peer Conflicts In Education Page
  1. It Is Important for Discipline to Be Constructive So That It Helps Students the Difference Between Right and Wrong and to Understand the Consequences of Continuing to Make the Same Mistakes.
  2. Our Educators Must Understand That Destructive Discipline, Discipline That Injures Students, Is Not Acceptable and Is Detrimental to the Wellbeing of the Student Body of the School.
  3. Discipline Is a Learning Process That Helps Our Students to Become Mature and Responsible Young Adults and Successful Grammar School and High School Graduates.
  4. Students Should Have Many Things to Gain by Having a Positive Response to Discipline. Educators Have to Help Students To Have a Positive Response to Discipline.
  5. Successful Students Can Be Role Models for Their Peers. Successful Students Would Understand the Dangers of Under Aged Dating and the Uses of Alcohol, Illegal drugs, Tobacco, and Firearms.
  6. Our Educators Must Teach Our Students to Show Remorse for What They Have Done Wrong In Front of the Student Community and In Front of God.
  1. The Most Important Component of a Child's Social Development Is To Develop Successful Peer Relationships. Peer Relationships Should Be Free of Conflict if the Peers Are Either Children or Young Adults.
  2. Children and/or Young Adults Should Seek Therapy If They Feel That The Kids and/or the Young Adults Are Confronting Life-Threatening Negative Peer Pressure.
  3. Our Children and Young Adults Should Always Have Access to Counseling and Psychotherapy When They Need Help To Understand the Difference Between Good Peer Pressure and Bad Peer Pressure.
  4. We Need To Teach Our Kids To Reject Bad Peer Pressure and to Reject Peer Groups That Impose Bad Peer Pressure Upon Their Members.
  5. Educators and Behavioral Health Professionals Must Work with Our Students to Stop Peer Pressure from Destroying Their Lives.
  6. We Must Teach Our Children and Young Adults To Always Go To God for Help When They Need to Make a Decision about Accepting or Rejecting Peer Pressure.
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Solutions In Education Page Success In Education Page
  1. We Must Make a Strong Effort to Formulate Solutions That Will Allow All Educators, Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement Agencies, Families, Parents, and Students to Solve Life-Threatening Problems That Can Destroy a Students Life.
  2. We Can Never Give Up on Any Student That Has Fallen Behind in His or Her Studies and Coursework Because of Behavioral Problems and/or Disciplinary Problems. We Must Develop Programs That Will Help Us To Be Merciful With Students and to Help Any Students That Are in Trouble.
  3. We Need To Develop Programs Such as Online After-School Learning Centers That Can Help Students to Catch Up To Where They Should Be. Online Tutoring and Online Learning Would Greatly Help Students Would Give Students the Extra Help That The Would Need To Get Back To Where They Are Supposed to Be in a Short Amount of Time.
  4. Students from Public Schools and Students from Religious Schools are the Same. We Need To Encourage Students from All Schools to Pursue Religious Involvement in Prayer, Religious Studying, and to Reach Out To God For Help. We Cannot Continue To Alienate a Student From God Because of The School That the Student Attends.
  5. All Grammar Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools Should Offer Family Planning Courses and Family Planning Counseling to All of Our Young Adults. Family Planning Lessons Would Talk About the Biology of the Intimacy That Leads to a Pregnancy. It Should Talk about the Consequences of Having to Make a Decision to Have an Abortion.
  6. Young Adults Must Understand the Benefits and Consequences of Using Birth Control Both Successfully and Unsuccessfully.
  7. All Students Should Be Able To Have Confidential Family Planning Counseling Sessions if Students Feel That They Need To Talk about Sexual Activity and about a Relationship.
  1. We Should Reward Students for Effort and Academic Achievement In Order to Build Their Confidence That They Can Succeed in Developing a Career and in Developing Successful Adult Relationships.
  2. We Should Give Our Young Adults Awards When They Successfully Complete the Requirements of an Accredited Young Adult Family Planning Course. This Will Show That Our Young Adults Will Be Prepared for the Realities That They Will Be Facing in Their Relationships with Their Partners in the Future.
  3. Our Students Will Understand That Their Relationship With God Will Not Allow Them to Engage in the High-Risk Sexual Behaviors That Would Lead To Become Infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  4. Our Students Will Understand The High-Risk Behaviors to Avoid If They are Thinking About Having a Safe Marriage and a Safe Family Life in Adulthood.
  5. We Must Work To Help All Students in Both Public and Private Schools to Find God Through Prayer, Through Scientific Investigation, and Through a Belief That God Tries to Communicate With All of Us When We Need His Help or When He Needs Our Help.
  6. Our Young Adult Students Must Try to Connect With God So That They Can Discover their Destiny. Young Adults Answer God's Dream of the Role That God Wants each of Them to Play within His Human Family. God Will Help Us To Find Our Purpose and How to Achieve That Purpose when We Are Students Unless a Catastrophe Happens.
  7. All of Our Students Deserve the Right to Understand the Way That God Wants to Prepare Them for Parenthood. Our Young Adults Should Understand the Realities of Dating, Consummation, Losing Your Virginity, A Planned Pregnancy Versus an Unplanned Pregnancy, engagements, and marriage. We have to help them so that they will not destroy themselves when they have to make the decisions.
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Our Articles Page Our Order Novel "Elsewhere" Page
  1. All of Our Articles Contain Original Materials and Concepts. None of These Materials Come From Paraphrased Publication or Any Other Types of Publications.
  2. These Articles Present New Theories About Numerous Topics in Education That Have Gone Unresolved for Decades. We Try To Discuss These Issues In a Respectful Manner with a Goal of Not Offending God and/or Not Offending Our Audience.
  3. Our Articles Stress The Importance of the Roles That God and the Holy Spirit Play in the Education of Our Children and Young Adults.
  4. God Builds Relationships with Our Kids Whether They Attend Public, Private, or Religious Schools.
  5. Our Articles Talk About Serious Problems That May Exist in Our Schools. We Talk About Proposals That Can Help Us to Begin To Solve Our Schools' Problems. Something Must Be Done About the Suffering of Our Students and of Our Families because of What We Are Facing in Our Schools.
  6. We Need to Maintain Schools That Work With God. We Need Schools Where All of Our Students Are Seen as Equal To One Another. We Need Schools Where No One Student Is Any Better or Any Worse Than Any Other Student.
  7. Our Students Should Not Be So Afraid to Try to Find God. Finding God May Be A Better Way To Solve Our Problems Than What We normally Expect.
  1. Elsewhere Contains Dozens of Religious Discussions That Present Never-Before-Published Theories about the Development of Our Relationships with God in Our Schools and also in Our Personal Lives.
  2. Our Religious Discussions in the Book Help the Reader to Understand How God Might Feel about Such Issues as Under Aged Dating, Under Aged Sexual Activity, as Well as Under Aged Substance Abuse.
  3. We Present Arguments In Our Articles that Discuss What Might Have Really Been the Missions of the Great Prophets and What Their Legacies Mean for Us Today.
  4. Our Family Planning Discussion in the Book Present The Reality that God Is a Part of Our Sexuality. We Should Honor God with Our Sexual Behaviors Instead of Disgracing Him with Our Sexual Behaviors.
  5. Our Novel Talks about the Positive Peer Pressure and the Negative Peer Pressure that Our Students face in their schools. We Want Our Kids to Read Literature That Will Guide Them to Understand How to Reject Negative Peer Pressure.
  6. We Have to Teach Our Kids That Any Peer Group That Any Peer Group That Expects Us To Hurt Ourself and/or to Hurt Others as Requirements to Membership in the Group Is Not Much of a Group. We Talk About Kids That Can Do Outrageous Things to Hurt the Honest Students. That Kind of Problem Has to Stop in Our Schools.
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It is important to understand gender.  A female woman can become pregnant and can give birth to a child.  A male man provides the Seed of Life, we call it semen, that works to impregnate a woman.  God works with a man and a woman to help them to produce a pregnancy through sexual intimacy which is called sexual intercourse.  God always wants a man and a woman who love each other to achieve parenthood in their relationship.  It is important to understand that a man cannot impregnate a man.  A woman cannot impregnate a woman.  God works with a heterosexual couple to create and to develop new human lives.  God cannot work with a same-gendered couple to create and to develop new human lives.


God created the Universe to give Him the ability to create and to promote the existence of human and nonhuman life.  God needs to work with His Universe to maintain and to develop all human and nonhuman life.  God needs to interact with the Universe in order to give human life many different purposes to exist.  The Universe is essential because it produces an infinite amount of nonhuman life which supports the creation and the development of all human life all over the universe.  The Universe will give us much to do when we finally win the right to explore our Solar System.  We will be able to detect if intelligent extraterrestrial human life exists at some point in the future.  We will then ask if extraterrestrial human life exists out there then why do we exist here?

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  1. All of Our Students May Face Serious Family Planning Issues As Students.
  2. Women Must Understand That God Considers the Female Body, "God's Factory of Human Life" Once They Reach Puberty.
  3. God Creates Human Life Inside of a Woman When She Becomes Deeply Intimate With a Loving Male Partner.
  4. God Does Not Approve of Under Aged Sexual Activity.
  5. Students Must Understand the Consequences of Engaging in Behaviors That Could Cause an Unplanned Pregnancy When Both Parents Are Unemployed Students.
  6. Violating a Young Adult Girl or a Young Adult Boy for Sexual Pleasure Is Unthinkable.
  7. God Wants a Woman in a Relationship to Become Pregnant When She and Her Male Partner are Ready to Support a Family and to Work with God To Achieve Parenthood.
  1. Our Scientists and Engineers Have to Pray to God and to the Holy Spirit for the Authorization to Invent and to Build Spaceships That Will Allow Us To Explore Our Solar System.
  2. Our Governments and Scientists Must Try to Convince God and the Holy Spirit That Our Human Family Deserves and Has the Right to Achieve Habitable and Affordable Space Exploration Technologies in the Near Future.
  3. Our Scientific Community Can Try To Find God and Can Beg God To Allow Us To Work Toward Respectable, Efficient and Inexpensive Mechanisms That Would Support a Spaceship That Could Support Human Life During a Space Mission.
  4. We Want Our Space Program to Be a Global Effort That Will Include Participants from All Over the World.
  5. The Technologies of Solar System Exploration Would Increase the Global Standard of Living.
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