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Welcome To Our Young Adults Page!!

We will try to examine many types of stressors and problems that cause malfunctions in the development of young adults.  We will discuss how to help young adults to deal with their stresses and to become productive adults in school, in their careers, in their relationships with God, and in their family life.

What are the Developments and Adolescence and Young Adulthood?

What are the Preparations That Young Adults Follow In Order To Achieve Adulthood? 

  1. The capacity of men and women to participate in the process of conception begins to develop.  Young boys and girls begin to feel the need to explore the path toward the conception and development of human life.
  2. Our parents expect us to develop meaningful relationships that will lead to the conception and the development of human life.
  3. We develop into peer groups that promote safe and productive social activities whose activities relate to the successful maturation into adulthood.
  4. Experimentation with sexual intimacy begins sometime within the young adult developmental stage.  We must make sure that our young adults understand the justifiable motives and consequences of young adult sexual activity.
  5. Young adults seek to train for a career so that they can graduate from their schools with a job eventually.  The hope is that every male and female partner will be able to find a career and a life together.
  6. A young adult's life changes when God begins to harass them about His need to conceive and to develop human life with them.
  7. The young adult begins a lifelong journey to try to find God through help from the Holy Spirit.  A young adult discovers his or her destiny and purpose from God.  He or she develops a peer network that will help him or her to develop a plan to achieve God's plan for the young adult's achievement. 
  1. Adolescence should fully understand the process of conception and childbirth.  They should come to understand the mechanisms that are involved in the conception and the birth of a human life.
  2. Young adults must come to respect God as the Supreme Being that creates, develops, and sustains the existence of all human life.  We must respect God's role in our relationships that involve intimacy with another partner that could result in a conception and a pregnancy.
  3. Young Adults can work with God to find the right time and circumstances to learn about the creation and development of human life.  We must all understand that God expects all of us to work with Him to create, conceive, and to develop human life as part of our relationship with God.
  4. We learn how to relate with partners of the opposite gender during Young Adulthood.  We learn how to date, socialize, and to have friendships that will lead to dating in the future.  Developing a Dating Agenda and a Dating Life is part of the process of maturation in Young Adulthood.
  5. We must understand that God will hold us responsible for inflicting pain upon the partner that each of us is dating that would involve sexual exploitation, consensual rape, an unplanned pregnancy, and the transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases.  It is very hurtful to hurt a partner by causing to types of injuries to him or her.
  6. Preparing for the first job is a big step for young adults.  Preparing for marriage and children is also a big step in a young adult's life.  Young Adults have to be ready to deal with the challenges in a way that is constructive and beneficial to their relationships with God.

What are the Challenges of Substance Abuse Training and Recovery?

Meeting The Premarital Deadline

  1. Young Adults should receive comprehensive training in identifying and understanding illegal controlled substances and drugs.
  2. Young Adults should participate in Criminal Justice Courses that will teach them the consequences of engaging in consumption of illegal controlled substances.
  3. Guidance counselors should make young adult students aware of the various treatment programs and recovery services for recovering substance abuser if they would ever need such help with dealing with their substance abuse problems.
  4. Students should receive guided tours of correctional facilities so that they can see the life that is waiting for them if they choose to continue to pursue a life of illegal drugs and illegal drug trafficking.
  5. All school should have support programs for recovering substance abusers and prevention programs that would stop young adults from considering living their lives on drugs.
  6. Recovering substance abusers should have access to vocational training programs, community service programs, and job placement assistance as part of their effort to recover from their substance abuse problems as young adults.
  7. Our brothers and sisters that must cope with substance abuse disorders must understand that God is a healing force in their lives. They must understand that the only way that they will achieve success in defeating their need to rely on illegal controlled substances would be to find the existence of a loving God in their lives that will help them with their healing process.
  8. God does not tolerate substance abuse. God will force us to receive involuntary medical treatment when we have chosed to develop a substance abuse disorder. God's ultimate goal is to work with Humanity to rebuild the lives of all of the victims of Substance Abuse Disorders.
  9. Recovery from Substance Abuse has to do with allowing God to help us rebuild our lives.
  1. The fact that our middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and graduate schools are supposed to be dating services for undergraduate students is a taboo concept.  Therefore, no one talks about the dream that our young adults have about finding their first partner in their school's student body.
  2. Undergraduate students in college see that they have a deadline in order to find a premarital relationship.  The pressure to find and to establish a relationship intensifies and becomes more life-threatening as graduation comes closer and closer to approaching.
  3. Female young adult coed college students may resort to consummating a relationship with a fellow student in a desperate attempt to establish a premarital relationship before the deadline of graduation begins to approach.
  4. Young adult men can actually take advantage of this desperation and not understand the pain and suffering that they can cause to female undergraduate students that are agreeing to illegal sexual activity.  Young adult men sometimes think that finding a girlfriend and having a sexual life on campus is a good way to end young adulthood.
  5. Some Young Adult Female Coed College Students will play the field by dating multiple partners in order to try to find the perfect premarital match before graduation.  These types of promiscuous behaviors can disrupt the dorms, the community of students, and the entire campus.
  6. Students can become very ill when they have to meet the graduation deadline by finding a job and by finding a premarital relationship.  A student's life can be very hurt if he or she faces graduation without a premarital relationship and without a job.
  7. We all must pray that these hurtful situations will stop happening in our schools.

Deciding When The Time Is Right To Engage In Intimacy For the First Time

What Are The Goals of Young Adulthood?

  1. It important for young adults to understand that sexual intimacy is a mechanism that allows a man, a woman, and God to connect with one another in order to conceive a human life and to bring a human life into the world through childbirth.  The couple has to ask whether that is the purpose of their need to engage in intimacy.
  2. A young adult girl has to take the time of the relationship into consideration.  She may want to wait until she has been dating her boyfriend for at least twelve to eighteen months.  Most women do not need to engage in sexual activity unless they want to become pregnant.  Getting pregnant with a new boyfriend outside of a marital relationship and losing the boyfriend can be horrible for a young adult high school or college student.
  3. Some young adult men and women want to experiment with sexual activity for the first time because they want to see the "high" that sexual activity will give them.  These young adults want to brag about how they have lost their virginity.  They believe that this kind of talk and behavior will make them more acceptable to their peer groups.
  4.  A married couple consists of two adults.  The husband and wife work with God to conceive a human life, give birth to a human life, and to develop a human life.  The husband and the wife respect the Power of God when He can give them children and a family to live for.
  5. A man and a woman that have sexual relations and that are not married with no intent to have children can sometimes taunt God.  Sexual intimacy is a way to connect to God in order to achieve conception, birth, and the development of a human life.
  1. The first goal for young adults is to achieve academic success that will contribute to their ability to perform in your chosen profession.
  2. Young adults need to an elevated level of social functioning that will make them a constructive part of their peer groups and part of the communities and societies where they will be living.
  3. Young adults must come to understand the destiny that God has chosen for them.  They must discover the talents and skills that God has given them so that the young adult can fulfill his or her destiny.
  4. All young adults want to find the perfect partner that will marry them and will be a parent of their children.  Young adults spend much time in trying to find the perfect marital partner to work together with them to establish a marriage.
  5. Young adults must accept guidance from God and from The Holy Spirit in order to achieve God's purpose for them.  God should be an active part of the lives of all of our young adults relationships and endeavors. 
  6. Young adults should work with God and with the Holy Spirit in order to enact solutions to problems that might threaten a young adult's mission from God and his or her efforts to achieve his or her destiny from God.
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  • There Will Come A Time When Young Adults Will Become More Responsible When They Will Completely Reject Drugs and Alcohol.
  • There Will Come a Time When Unplanned Pregnancies Will Stop Happening.
  • There Will Come a Time When Abortions Will No Longer Be Necessary Because Women Will Not Trade 10 Minutes of Passion For That Kind of Pain and Suffering.
  • We Will Show Our Young Adults Movies of Abortions and Movies of childbirths.  They Will See The Difference.  They Can Use the Contrast That They Have Witnessed Between Seeing a Surgical Abortion and a Childbirth To Make Their Own Decisions.
  • God Has To Be A Major Factor In How a Woman Decides to Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy.
  • Everyone That Is Involved In Any Type Of Pregnancy Answers To God Because He Is The Supreme Being That Has Created The Human Life Inside of the Woman or Young Adult That Is Pregnant.
  • Schools Should Teach Girls What to Expect When They Decide to Become Sexually Active.
  • God Guides Our Scientists to Make the World A Better Place to Live For All Of Us and For All of Our Brothers and Sisters throughout The Nation of Humanity.
  • God and the Holy Spirit Want To Work Thorough the Efforts of Our Scientists to Help Us To Understand That We Need Replace the Mutual Intent To Inflict Harm Upon Each Other With The Mutual Intent To Love Each Other.
  • Scientists and Religious Leaders Should Understand That God Does Not Create Us So That We Can Sustain Hateful Thoughts Against Our Brothers and Sisters.
  • God Cannot Tolerate an Endless Pattern of Violence Between His Sons and Daughters.  God Cannot Support Thinking That Leads To Self-Inflicted Injuries and Inflicted Injuries to Others.
  • God Has Not Authorized Us To Injure or To Kill Either Ourselves or To Injure and/or Kill Any of Our Brothers and Sisters All Over the World.
  • It Deeply Hurts God When We Sustain The Thinking That Support the Long-Term Intent To Hurt and/or To Kill Our Brothers and Sisters.
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We Really Need To Help Our Young Adults to Understand the Realities of What It Means to Grow from a Child and into an Adult.  We Must Help Our Young Adults to Understand That They Have a Power from God To Participate in the Creation and in the Development of Human Lives with a Partner of the Opposite Gender.  Our Young Adults Should Understand the Joys That They Will Enjoy If They Choose to Achieve Parenthood in Their Lives.  They Must Also Understand God's Joy When He Presents a New Human Life to His or Her Parents after Childbirth.  Thank You For Visiting Our Young Adult Page.

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