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We must adopt strategies to that will allow us to always enjoy success in all of our schools.  We must groom all of our students for success in both in our classrooms and in their lives outside of the classrooms.  We must set standards for our students.  We must do everything that we can to help our students to meet those standards.  We must reward our students for achieving their standards through hard work and a determination to learn and succeed.

Criminal Justice Certification Awards

The Behavioral Improvement Rewards Program

  1. High-risk young adult students in grammar schools, in middle schools, and/or in high schools can enroll in a Criminal Justice Certification Program either voluntarily or by court order.
  2. Students in the certification program have several types of instructors that work for the criminal justice system of the county.
  3. Students would be required to take quizzes every week and at least one test every three to four weeks.
  4. The kids would also see how law enforcement officers capture drug dealers and other criminals.
  5. The instructors would explain why it does not make sense for the kids to be involved in a life of crime.
  6. Criminal Justice Certification Awards are given to the children and young adults that successfully complete one to three of the seminars.  The hope is that these certified students would be much less likely to commit crimes and/or to hurt themselves that other high-risk students that would not be certified.
  7. Students who achieve certification also receive a $200 gift card that they can use in the local mall.
  1. Students who have a history of behavioral problems can be enrolled in a Behavioral Improvement Program. 
  2. These programs would help students to understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.
  3. These programs will help our young adults to understand the rewards that await them for good behaviors and the consequences that await them for bad behaviors.
  4. Mentors can help these children and young adults to understand how they hurt their families, teachers, and peers when they engage in bad behavior.
  5. A school psychologist can periodically review a student's progress toward achieving normal and acceptable behaviors as much as possible.
  6. The students in this program can get rewards and a certificate of completion at the end of the school year.  They can receive a $400 gift card and congratulations from the faculty and the principal of their school.

Peer Pressure Management Seminar Program

Finding God In Education

  1. Counselors and teachers will invite students to enroll in these special seminars when it is clearly evident that students are facing life-threatening peer pressure.
  2. Peer Pressure Management Groups would meet twice a week.
  3. Counselors would help the children and young adults what peer pressure is and what peer pressure does.
  4. Counselors would then help the children and young adults to understand what good peer pressure is as opposed to bad peer pressure.
  5. The counselors would then discuss various strategies to help the kids to deal with negative peer pressure including their possible rejection by their peer group.
  6. Kids would be counseled as to how to benefit from constructive and good peer pressure.
  7. The counselors would tell the kids to look for help from God and the Holy Spirit in order to find coping mechanisms to deal with peer pressure.
  8. Awards in the form of a Certificate of Completion and a $400 gift card should be given to high-risk students who successfully manage peer pressure and succeed to behave in an acceptable manner over a school year.
  9. Counselors will continue to work with parents and guardians to try to review and modify the students' behaviors during their interactions with their peers during their remaining school years.
  1. All of our students, both in public and private schools, should be encouraged to pursue a religious faith through prayer, worship of God, and studying religious doctrines.
  2. Our schools cannot give our students that it is acceptable to ignore the role that God plays in our lives without causing serious injuries to our students.
  3. Our children and young adults find God and The Holy Spirit regardless of whether they go to a private or public school.  God and the Holy Spirit watch over and guide our children and young adults whether they pray and/or think about God.
  4. Students that suffer a detachment from God are high-risk candidates to cause suffering to himself or herself and to others.  None of our students in any of our schools deserves a situation where they have been encouraged to exist in a state of detachment from God.
  5. Students that actively pursue a relationship with God are more likely to find success in their studies, career, family life, and health.  They will know better than to hurt God by trying to hurt themselves or to hurt others.
  6. A detachment from God can lead a person to believe that it is acceptable to hurt others without suffering penalties for what the person has done to hurt others.  That is not true.
  7. A detachment from God can make a person believe that he or she can hurt himself or herself without facing discipline from God and the Holy Spirit.  That is not true.
  8. God deals with us whether we are attached to God and the Holy Spirit or detached from God and the Holy Spirit.  We all answer to God and The Holy Spirit.  It is harder to escape the penalties of our sins and crimes when we exist in a state of detachment from God.

Academic Achievement and Improvement Awards Program

Behavioral Counseling Awards

  1. Students who are not motivated to perform in the classroom might do better if they receive rewards for their efforts and achievements  Students that do well also should be given rewards for doing a good job for their parents and teachers.
  2. The Bi-Monthly Rewards Program would give students awards for exceptional efforts and improved grades on exams.  Students that have been doing well will also receive rewards.
  3. The Peer Study Group Program would work by encouraging students that might be doing better to help his or her classmates.  The students could study together in a social environment.  The social interaction between children can make it easier for them to respond to course materials.
  4. The Extra Credit Program will help students that want to go beyond and above learning what their school requires them to learn by independent study and research.  This type of program would make it easier for students to perform at higher grade levels.
  5. The Half-Year Academic Effort Awards would be given twice in a school year to students of whom teachers feel are making an exceptional effort in their studies and coursework.  These students would be presented as role models for their classmates and fellow students because of their efforts to succeed.
  6. The Goal Achievement Program will set goals for grades that students will achieve at the beginning of the school year.  The teachers will give the Goal Achievement Certificate to students that have reached or have come very close to achieving their established goals.  They will get a Certificate of Achievement and a $400 gift card.
  1. Numerous children and young adults have to enter either voluntary or court-ordered psychotherapy and counseling as part of their schooling in grammar school, middle school, and high school.  Counselors try to determine why a student is destructive to himself or herself and destructive to others.
  2. These types of children and young adults would benefit from medical treatment and from psychotherapy.  Psychiatrists can attempt to modify their behaviors with psychiatric medications.  Therapists can talk to the kids about why their behaviors malfunction in school.
  3. The student school should give a student that finishes a six months of behavioral health treatment with good behavior an award.  The student should get an award for good behavior for every six months that he or she remains in therapy with good behavior in school.
  4. Students who are voluntary in Behavioral Counseling Programs would not be suspended or expelled from their school for a conflict in the student's behavior.  The student's therapist and psychiatrist would get involved to try to prevent any of these types of problems from happening again.
  5. Students that complete six entire months in therapy with good behavior get a Certificate of Achievement and a $200 gift card for the mall.  The principal and the teachers congratulate the student and his or her parents for the student's good behavior.
  6. The Behavioral Counseling Program works with teachers, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, parents, and other family members to give the student the best possible chance of continuing a good and acceptable pattern of behavior over time.

We Will Achieve a Final Lasting Success in Education When Our Educators, Our Kids, Our Young Adults, and the Family Members of Our Students Will Find a Final Peace with God.  All of Our Students Will Finally Find God in Our Schools and in Their Lives in Order to Achieve a Final Lasting Success and Achievement That Come from a God That Loves Us and from the Love That We Have for God.

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It Is The Goal of Every Parent and Educator to See Our Children and Young Adults Succeeding in Our Schools.  Success Is About Overcoming Obstacles That Might Prevent Our Students from Achieving Their Education.  Obstacles Might Come in the Form of Psychiatric Problems.  They May Come in The Form of Falling Behind in Coursework.  Obstacles May Involve Negative Peer Pressure and Being Rejected by a Peer Group.  Our Children and Young Adults Achieve Success in Schools When They Find God's Love and the Love of Humanity in Their Lives.

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