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We can examine various proposals and ideas about how to make the learning environment for our children and young adults to be productive and constructive for all of them.  We must try to develop programs to not only develop the students in our classrooms.  We must also develop healthy young adults and healthy adults.  We can do that by implementing solutions in our classrooms that work.

Behavioral Health Training and Counseling Programs

Family Planning and Training Programs

  1. Students with detected behavioral problems should receive either voluntary or court-ordered psychiatric treatment partially at the cost of the criminal justice system.
  2. High-risk students should also attend either voluntary or court ordered psychotherapy sessions to discuss their issues and to discuss the behavioral issues and concerns.
  3. Each school should have a crisis number that any of the students can call when they need help because they feel to be a threat to themselves and/or to others.
  4. Behavioral Health Counselors would hold Behavioral Health Seminars for students in grammar schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.
  5. At least one crisis counselor should be available for student emergencies in local emergency rooms twenty-four hours a day to help kids that demonstrate that they are in a severe emotional and psychological crisis.
  6. Intervention guidelines would help parents and guardians to become actively involved in their child's crisis.
  7. Colleges will offer students that enter a behavioral health crisis respectable grades for their semester if a student's medical condition warrant a medical withdrawal.
  8. All schools should have assigned behavioral health professionals that can see students free of charge when the students have life-threatening symptoms of a behavioral disorder.  Schools should provide numerous resources to students and to their families to help children and young adults to get the behavioral care that our young adults need when they need it.
  1. Students that have met and have agreed to continue to pursue a relationship may be considering engaging in intimate activity.  Educators must do everything that they can to make certain that young adults that make the decision to become sexually active do not hurt themselves and do not hurt each other.
  2. Virginity Cessation Counseling would work with boys and girls that are contemplating engaging in sexual activity for the first time.  Young virginal young adults should receive training so that they completely and absolutely understand the mechanism of sexual activity and of a pregnancy.
  3. Consummation Psychotherapy will help a man and a woman to understand what they are doing when they plan to have a sexual experience with each other that will complete a contract between the both of them.
  4. Women should see pictures about how abortions are performed before she makes any decisions about having an abortion to fall back on if her method of contraception fails.  The boyfriend should also see pictures and discuss the procedure of an abortion.
  5. Engagement Evaluations should happen before couple's first attempt to participate in intimacy.  A Family Planning Therapist should try to understand whether the couple's relationship is headed in the right direction or is failing.
  6. It might be beneficial for the young female adult's mother to be involved to help her daughter to make the right decisions about whether to begin to engage in sexual intimacy.

Religious Awareness Programs

Extra-Curricular Academic Programs

  1. We must help all of our students to find God through religion and other means regardless if they attend public or private schools.
  2. All of our students must respect and respond to the presence of God and The Holy Spirit in their lives.
  3. Mentors of the Religious Awareness Program would guide children and young adults to find and to respond to their relationships with God.
  4. Religious leaders would guide our students about their relationships with God through special Religious Counseling Seminars.
  5. Students would be warned not to ignore the existence of God or their relationships with God throughout their childhood and young adulthood.
  6. These programs would teach children and young adults to avoid behaviors and attitudes that are offensive to God and to the Holy Spirit.
  7. These programs would seek to guide children and young adults to achieve the destiny that God has chosen for them.
  1. An internet-based program that would give extra tutoring and testing for our children and young adults would help students who have fallen behind in their studies to gain ground and to return to the academic level that they should have achieved.
  2. Students might want to have a head start on courses in the upper grades by utilizing the Extra-Curricular programs. That would give students an extra advantage when it would come time to get good grades.
  3. Vocational Counseling Evaluation Programs can help students to understand what types of careers that they would be interested in pursuing and what kind of major they would want to declare in college.
  4. The Behavioral Crisis Assessment Evaluation Programs would give psychiatrists, therapists, and other counselors an accurate understanding of a student's psychological and behavioral problems.  They could use this data to develop treatment plans for students that need psychiatric care and behavioral health counseling.
  5. Students should be encouraged to exceed their grade level by utilizing their Extra-Curricular Academic Programs.  They can begin taking courses that are beyond their current grade level in order to have an advantage when they reach that grade.

Peer Group Conflict Evaluation and Counseling

Criminal Justice Academic Seminars

  1. Teachers and behavioral health counselors would attempt to identify Peer Conflict in grammar schools, high schools, and in colleges.  They then would decide what actions to take to deal with the conflict.
  2. Behavioral Health Psychiatrists and Counselors should be ready to intervene in a school's activities if it becomes clear that peer conflict threatens the sanity of the students of the school's peer communities.
  3. Behavioral Health Counselors should be able to make the final decision about the discipline that children and/or young adults should receive as the result of their participation in Peer Group Conflict.
  4. The principal of the school should force the participants in any Peer Group Conflict into therapy with behavioral health psychotherapists and psychiatrists.
  5. Bullying should be treated as a sign of a behavioral disorder that requires the student to be placed under psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling.  Sending these types of students that like to bully other student into therapy is the most humane way to deal with their problems.
  6. Educators must avoid painful and destructive ways to discipline kids that might seek to bully other kids.  Destructive discipline can be a way to humiliate and hurt a young child and to ruin his or her academic progress.
  7. Educators have to deal decisively with peer pressure that encourages students to drink alcohol, to smoke, to use illegal drugs, and to use weapons.
  1. Criminal Justice Seminars would be available to high-risk students that might show a willingness to engage in destructive and self-destructive behaviors.  Such students may feel the need to commit crimes and would need guidance about the consequences of their intent and actions.
  2. Criminal Justice Mentors would help students to understand what it is like to live in prisons after a suspect is arrested and is detained after he or she has committed a crime.
  3. Criminal Justice Mentors would help students to realize the consequences of dealing illegal drugs out on the streets.  They would also warn kids about the dangers of using illegal drugs by showing them videos about substance abusers that have to deal with substance abuse issues.
  4. Mentors would talk to the children and young adults about the dangers of using weapons.  They would discourage children and young adults from getting involved with weapons because weapons have no constructive purpose in a young adult's life.
  5. The mentors would also talk to the kids about the dangers of working off-the-books for a business or company.  They would tell kids that getting involved with organized crime organizations would be a decision that would lead them to go to prison.
  6. Criminal Justice Counselors would be available twenty-four hours a day to deal with any emergency that a child and/or young adult might have concerning criminal activity.
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  • The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Solve Our Problems.  The Holy Spirit Helps Us to Win Mercy from God When We Disrupt Humanity by Committing a Crime.
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Parents, Educators, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Law Enforcement Officials, Religious Leaders, and Family Planning Counselors Must Work Together To Enact Solutions to the Problems That Plague Our Children and Young Adults in Our Schools.  We Must All Work Together to Make Sure That Our Students Will Not Disintegrate Only Because They Cannot Find Help for Their Psychiatric Disorders and for Their Confusion about Understanding the Difference between Right and Wrong.  Thank You For Visiting Our Solutions Page!!!

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