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Peer relationship issues can be good for our young adults.  Peer issues can also hurt our students.  Our students must be able to tell the difference between good peer pressure and bad peer pressure.  Our young adults must try to engage in positive social relationships that contribute to their development into adulthood.

Peer Relationships In Childhood

Peer Pressure in Adolescence

  1. Kids tend to socialize with members of the same gender.
  2. Kids can play with toys and other kids' games.
  3. Many kids pray even though they do not understand prayer.
  4. Early participation in peer groups help kids to develop the social skills that they will need to function in peer groups as adolescents.
  5. Kids learn basic and intermediate skills that will allow them to successfully communicate with peers and adults when they reach adolescence.
  6. Daycare Programs help toddlers to acquire develop powerful social skills that can help them to be accepted into peer groups later in late childhood and adolescence.
  7. It is much easier for kids to be accepted into social peer groups as adolescents if they develop powerful social skills as children.
  8. It is important to teach young toddlers and children how to pray and to develop a bond with God. This will make the child's development much more productive and successful.
  1. Members of the same gender form strategies to develop dating relationships with members of the opposite gender.
  2. Raging Hormones can cause malfunctions in the way that adolescent peers communicate and behave toward each other.
  3. Peer pressure to form dating relationships in the teen years can be both productive and detrimental to a young adolescent's development.
  4. Some adolescents may feel the need to use illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol, and weapons in order to be accepted into certain peer groups.
  5. Adolescents feel peer pressure to pursue interests in sexual intimacy with other partners.  This Peer Pressure becomes more intense over time.
  6. Peers go to great extents to be accepted by peer groups even if it means agreeing to engage in activities that are harmful to themselves and that are harmful to others.

Positive Peer Pressure

Negative Peer Pressure

  1. Positive Peer Pressure encourages responsible behaviors that help young adults to reject smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal recreational drugs.
  2. Positive Peer Pressure encourages responsible and productive dating that would be free of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.
  3. Positive Peer Pressure promotes healthy and productive relationships between young adults, siblings, and adults.
  4. Positive Peer Pressure encourages healthy and productive dating between young adults and adults.
  5. Positive Peer Pressure contributes to strengthening our relationship with God.
  6. The Holy Spirit can guide us to help us to develop successful and productive peer relationships that do not offend God and that are not destructive or self-destructive to our young adults' peer groups.
  7. God and the Holy Spirit want to be part of every successful peer group and to help peer groups that are in trouble.
  8. Educators must see the warning signs when peer groups in our schools start to show red flags that their students are a threat to themselves and/or to others.
  9. Educators and behavioral health treatment doctors and therapists must be ready to help the members of peer groups that have fallen ill.
  1. Negative Peer Pressures encourage young adults to engage in destructive and self-destructive behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using illegal narcotics, and using weapons.
  2. Negative Peer Pressure can encourage young adults to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors which can lead to unplanned pregnancies and/or to the transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Negative Peer Pressures can encourage young adults to behave in a manner that is offensive to God and to the Holy Spirit.  We all answer to God and to the Holy Spirit when they want to reward us for doing good deeds and when they want to punish us for doing bad things.
  4. Negative Peer Pressure can convince young adults that there are no consequences for behaving in a manner that hurts children, other young adults, and everyone else.  They find our that they face punishment for their destructive behaviors in a state of surprise.
  5. Negative Peer Pressure give young adults the impression that they have something to gain by engaging self-destructive behaviors and destructive behaviors.
  6. Negative Peer Pressure in adolescence can cause permanent harm to a young adult's life through the person's adult life.

The Dating Game Among Peers

God and Religious Peer Group Pressure

  1. The pressure to date a member of the opposite gender begins to intensify as young adults proceed further into their late adolescence and early adulthood.
  2. Premarital dating on a college campus or in another type of school can very much hurt a young woman.  It creates a window of opportunity for exploitation and abuse of the young adult woman's ability to conceive a human life.
  3. Consensual Date Rape is a disgraceful way for a male student to treat a young woman on a date.  A male can convince a woman that sexual activity during a date is proper and acceptable.  Consensual Rape always hurts women who fall for the scam.
  4. An offer of consummation is a desperate attempt by a woman to solidify a contract with her boyfriend in a high school, college, or graduate school.  A man can use an offer of consummation to engage in the sexual exploitation of his girlfriend even if marriage may be possible in the future.
  5. Many schools charge tuition for courses, room, board, and a degree for every student.  However, students expect to have a job and a spouse after graduation.  Most young adults believe that an elevated Guaranteed Student Loan Debt is worth having if they come out of college with a degree, a job, a spouse, and a career.
  6. Peers expect college dorms, college social centers, and social events to be places where they will probably meet the spouse of their dreams. 
  7. Peers may become very hurt by the time pressure to establish a relationship, to consummate it, and to get engaged. Something might go wrong if they graduate without jobs and with an unimaginable student loan debt.
  8. Consummation attempts and sexual activity between two undergraduates can lead to an unplanned pregnancy and to the transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases.  They can also lead to very traumatic behavioral disorders.
  9. Young adults that are considering engaging in sexual intimacy should have access to family planning counseling on college campuses or in high schools.  The young adult women should completely understand the process of sexual activity.  This includes the process by which an embryo and a fetus are created.  They should also be trained in just how contraception is supposed to work as well as what can go wrong when a woman tries to use contraception.
  1. God and the Holy Spirit watch over all of our peer groups in our schools.  They always detect the existence of malicious problems in peer groups in high schools and college campuses.
  2. It is God's goal for a man and a woman, who are dating, to help Him to conceive new human lives.  God does not want negative peer pressure to disrupt a relationship that could give God chances to bring new lives into the world.
  3. The Holy Spirit intervenes in a school when students are contemplating sexual activity that wide spread and that is part of a mass effort by young adults to produce dozens and maybe even over a hundred pregnancies.
  4. God does not like the situation in our school when unemployed and undergraduate girls become pregnant.  God punishes that type of disease very aggressively.
  5. God and the Holy Spirit try to work together to help our young adults to find each other while they are in school if they are interested in working with God to start a family. God tries very hard to prevent the damage that happens when women become pregnant on in middle schools, high schools, colleges, and graduate schools. 
  6. God and the Holy Spirit work together to try to help young adults to make responsible decisions about their family planning issues.  There are grave consequences for your relationship with God if you make a mistake with a conception, a pregnancy, and/or a childbirth.
  7. It is God's greatest joy to present a newborn child to a husband and wife that deserve that love from God.  Peer pressure that obstructs God's dreams of delivering a healthy human life to a man and a woman that share a respectable love for each other very much hurts God.  It can only happen so many times before God will begin to become violent.
  8. God breaks into all of our peer groups and tries to stop the bad behaviors before they start and as soon as they start.   God will eventually catch up to the bad peer pressure that ruins His life.  God wants bad peer pressure to stop ruining the lives of all of His children and young adults.
  9. A man and a woman that are involved in a premarital relationship should pray to God for guidance for their relationship.  They should seek help from the Holy Spirit as they will consider the timing and the purposes of their sexual intimacy. 
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Our Students Are Sociable and Need to Be Social Beings in Order to Exist as Part of Peer Groups in Their Schools.  Educators, Criminal Justice Officials, and Religious Leaders Must Work Together to Help Our Students to Understand the Difference Between Positive Peer Pressure and Negative Peer Pressure.  Our Students Have to Understand That They Must Reject a Peer Group That Requires Them To Behave In a Way That Is Destructive to Themselves and/or That Is Destructive to Others.  Thank You For Visiting Our Peers Page!!!

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