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We Can Now Explore the Many Benefits of Acquiring The Novel "Elsewhere."

What Are Some of The Objectives of The Novel "Elsewhere?"

How Can Reading The Novel "Elsewhere" Help Us to Further Understand Our Relationship with God and our Purpose in Life?

  1. We try to examine theories about how parents, educators, and God work together to develop our children and young adults.
  2. We try to describe the influence that God exerts in the lives of our children and young adults.
  3. We help the reader of the novel to understand the magnitude of our crisis in education.  We then show different ways to analyze the problems and to formulate solutions to those problems.
  4. We want children and young adults who will read this book to come to understand the difference between right and wrong.  We would want them to understand the consequences of using illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  We hope that our young adult readers would get advanced warning about the dangers of high-risk sexual behaviors.
  5. We all answer to One Supreme Being.  Our religious discussions focus on dozens of areas of conflict between ourselves and God.  We try to develop theories that offer guidelines that students can use to develop their own personal relationship with God.
  6. We discuss the consequences of Peer Pressure.  How can our children and young adults understand the difference between their friends' request for any of our children to do something good for themselves and others as opposed to something that is hurtful to others?
  7. We discuss very graphic family planning issues that affect all of our young children and young adults.  We try to develop strategies for helping family planning counselors and educators to be responsible and compassionate toward young girls and boys that face raging hormones and the pressure to begin dating.
  8. Our criminal justice discussions help our young adult readers to understand what it means to commit a crime.  The readers come to understand the consequences and the punishment that awaits them when they will commit a crime.  Young adults will be repeatedly warned about the severe danger that is involved in illegal substance abuse.
  9. Our religious discussions will focus in on establishing theories about the purpose of religions and what we have gained by studying the teachings of our prophets.
  10. "Elsewhere" is a book about Humanity.  It is a book about how we struggle to find God and to work with God to fulfill the destiny that He has chosen for us.  This book is about the struggle between good and evil in the lives of our children and young adults and the role that we all play to help our students to reject evil intentions and to remain in a productive relationship with God and with Humanity for the rest of their lives.
  11. Elsewhere is very readable so that our children and young adults will be able to understand the scenes that describe numerous conflicts that appear in our schools all of the time.  Reading through these scenes will be a learning experience for our kids and young adults that will show them the dire consequences that will follow them if the do not reject negative peer pressure, if they use illegal drugs, and/or if they become involved in gangs.  They will come to understand why it is very important to pursue a healthy relationship with God, to pursue a productive education, and to from healthy relationships with others.
  12. We have to understand that God is part of our lives in all of our schools. This novel helps all of us to understand the importance of having developing a relationship with God as child and young adult students in our schools. This project also talks about the consequences of betraying God as a student in our schools.
  13. We must help our students to understand the many benefits of pursuing a relationship with God in their lives. They must understand why they need to go to God with their problems and why God needs our young adults to play a vital role in Humanity.
  14. All of Our Students and All of Us in General Are Part of God and We Are Part of the Family of Humanity. Our Students Need to Understand That We All Answer to God and To Humanity. Our Young Adults also Have to Understand That God and Humanity Will Not Continue to Allow Us To Hurt Ourselves and/or To Hurt Others.
  1. We all have a relationship with God.  God is always part of our lives whether we think about it or just ignore the reality of it.  We need to understand the benefits of prayer and the communication with God as opposed to accepting the consequences of ignoring God and not understanding His role in our lives.
  2. We need to understand how to go to God for help when we really need to do it.  This book talks about how prayer and a strong relationship with God can help us to overcome practically any crisis of any severity.
  3. Our kids and young adults get in trouble in our schools.  We have to face the fact that we cannot continue to tolerate their self-destructive behaviors.  It is the responsibility of God, our parents, our behavioral health professionals, and our educators to get our students the help that they need so that their lives will not end in a failure.  God does not expect any of us to face a destiny of a failure to ourselves or to others.
  4. We have to understand that all life comes from God and that God is the Creator of Life.  However, our children and young adults have to understand that it is a crime against God and against Humanity to seek to injure either oneself or to injure others, and/or to try to destroy human life.  We talk about that in this novel.
  5. God has a destiny for all of us.  God begins to lead us to our destiny from the time that we are children.  Our educators and religious leader have to teach our children to be responsive to God as God will make stronger attempts to guide them and to help them as they get older.
  6. Our kids need to understand the power of prayer.  They need to understand that we have a loving God that wants to hear about our problems and concerns.  God wants to be a resource for all of us that will help us to resolve our conflicts and to solve our problems.
  7. What is the conception and the development of human life?  What is the destruction of human life.  We talk about how intimacy between a man and a woman is a direct connection to God that invites Him to create a new human life inside of a woman's body which is His Factory of Human Life.
  8. It is very difficult to forgive others when they have hurt us mildly or severely.  We talk about the importance of forgiveness.  We talk about how important it is for God to see our ability to forgive others if He will want to forgive us for our sins and crimes. 
  9. What does a marriage accomplish?  What is a marriage? Why does a man marry a woman to become man and wife?  Do our young adults know the benefits of pursuing thee conception and the development of human life rather than to tell God that they are not interested in developing human life at all?
  10. Education reform is all about saving students' lives.  It is about making sure that every student has an equal chance to succeed.  It is about an equality that exists between all of our students regardless of the color of their skin or their national origin.  We are all God's children and we are all human being that are brothers and sisters.  We must work with God to save our kids every time that he needs us to do so.
  11. We must turn to God to help our educators to deal with the daily challenges of education and the management of child and young adult issues. Our educators should help our students to understand how we have to answer to God in order to achieve success in our studies and in our personal relationships. Our educators should encourage our students to pursue a relationship witth God no matter if they attend a public school, a private school, or a a religious school.
  12. We must understand how to go to God for help and to respond to God when he tries to help us through the successful intervention of others who seek to help our students on behalf of God. That is one of the most important lessons that we can learn from this project.
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We Hope That We Have Impressed You Enough To Help You To Consider the Aquisition of Our Novel, "Elsewhere." The Issues That We Discuss In Our Novel Are Universal and Pertain To All of Our Students and to All of Our Schools. We Hope That Our "Elsewhere" Project Will Have a Positive Impact on Our Efforts to To Help Our Students by Considering Reforms for All of Our Public, Private, and Religious Schools. Thank You For Taking the Time to Consider Our Arguments and Ideas About the Issues that Confront Our Schools and All of Our Students and Their Families.

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  • There Will Be Many Changes In Humanity's Relationships With God In The Future.
  • Our Entire Planet Will Be One Human Nation, Which Will Be Named "The Nation of Humanity."
  • There Will Be No More Death, No More Suffering, and No More Conflict Between Our Brothers and Sisters and Between Ourselves and God.
  • We Will No Longer Do Destructive Things Like Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Or Using Illegal Drugs.
  • We Will Stop Using Weapons to Hurt Ourselves and to Hurt Others.  Our Brothers and Sisters Will Stop Dying Because of The Use of Weapons.
  • We All Should Understand That God Wants Us To Stay Away From Substances and Mechanisms That Can Contribute To Our Self-Inflicted Injuries and Injuring and/or Destroying Other Human Lives.
  • We Need To Look To Scientists to Help Our Brothers and Sisters from All Over the World That Are Detached from God.
  • We Must Help Our Brothers and Sisters To Understand that Violence Does Not Accomplish Anything to Help Anyone In God's Creation.
  • Scientists Must Work with Our Mental Health Professionals to Help Those of Us That Are a Threat to Themselves and/or a Threat to Others.
  • We Do Not Accomplish Much By Hurting Others or Killing Others Because of Their Expressed Intent To Hurt Us.
  • There Is No Such Thing As Justifying Homicide Because Our Brothers and Sisters Have Expressed and Interest in the Intent to Hurt Us.
  • Scientists Should Help All of Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World to Find the Existence of God in Their Lives.
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We Hope That Our Novel Will Help Our Children and Young Adults To Understand What God Expects of Them.  Our Students May Find It Easier to Go to God and to God and to Go to the Holy Spirit for Help, Support, Guidance, and Forgiveness.  Thank You for Visiting Elsewherenovel.com!!!

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