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Welcome To Our Features In 'Elsewhere' Page!!

The Page Describes of Our Novel, Elsewhere, that make our novel interesting reading for our parents and young adults. We look at sensitive topics that have never been completely addressed in literature. We hope that you will be impressed by the way that we will present our new theories about young adults, parents, God, and education.

Advanced Readability

The Structure of "Elsehwere"

  1. Elsewhere is written in a basic reading level so that its content is understandable by students and adults of all ages.
  2. We do not use words that are difficult to understand or that are no longer used.
  3. There are no passive sentences in "Elsehwhere."
  4. All chapters follow a timeline. We state the point in time of the story at the beginning of each chapter.
  5. We try to make the dialouge between characters very understandable by limiting the use of pronouns.
  1. "Elsewhere" contains over 500,000 Words and 230 Chapters.
  2. "Elsewhere" contains no mention of race or racist statements.
  3. "Elsewhere" is a month by month account of the lives of the characters around Joseph Klinger, the main character, from his first day of school in the first grade to his graduation day in the eighth grade over an eight year period.
  4. Elsewhere has no romantic scenes and no derogatory remarks about sexual activity.
  5. "Elsewhere" talks about our relationships with God in a respectful manner.

Family Planning Discussions

Religious Discussions

  1. We discuss various respectful new ways to discuss family planning issues with our young adults.
  2. We develop ways to teach our young adults about the consequences of engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors.
  3. We talk to young adult girls about the consequences of under aged sexual activity and under aged pregnancies.
  4. We talk about what contraception accomplishes, the benefits, and the consequences of using birth control.
  5. We talk about young adult dating issues that relate to many other issues that our young adults face.
  1. We present new theories about our relationships with God as part of the plot of the story in a fictitious setting.
  2. We discuss advanced theories about the goals, purposes, and achievements of Moses and Jesus Christ.
  3. These discussions help us to understand the nature of God and what God expects from us.
  4. These discussions try to explain how God communicates with children, young adults, and adults.
  5. Students hear the purposes of The Existence of God and the Worlds Religions.

Behavioral Healthcare In Education

Criminal Justice Discussions

  1. We discuss strategies to intervene in the lives of students that need behavioral health care and psychiatric counseling in grammar schools
  2. We discuss the role of psychotherapists and psychiatrists that would help to treat students with behavioral disorders.
  3. We discuss how our relationships with God can help us to overcome the pain and suffering of behavioral disorders.
  4. We discuss the consequences that families, parents, and educators face if students do not get behavioral medical health care when they develop behavioral health disorders in grammar school, middle schools, and high schools.
  5. We discuss the benefits of successful behavioral health intervention in the crisis of students that have behavioral disorders.
  1. It is important to help all of our students to understand the difference between right and wrong.  We must teach them what is legal and not legal at the earliest possible age.
  2. We present numerous topics that are of concern to young adults and law enforcement agencies.
  3. We talk about the dangers of abusing controlled substances such as illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  4. We talk about a dialogue that must be created to help high-risk young adults and law enforcement officials and agencies.
  5. We present the realities of a life of crime in graphic language for our children and young adult readers.

We Hope That These Features In Elsewhere Will Make This Novel Worth Reading For Children, Young Adults, and Adults!! We Hope That Our Children and Young AdultsWill Have a Positive Experience With Our Novel!!

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  • God and The Holy Spirit Do Not Support Divorces.
  • God and The Holy Spirit Work With The Husband and the Wife To Try To Help Them To Find Peace With Each Other.
  • God Can Have Subtle Ways To Ask The Husband and The Wife To Go Into Therapy for Marriage Counseling.
  • God wants a Husband and a Wife That Are Considering to Separate and to Divorce Each Other To Suffer While He Works With The Holy Spirit To Try to Save Their Marriage.
  • God Works With The Couple's Kids In An Effort To Try To Get Them To Become Reasonable and To Stop Hurting Their Kids.
  • We Must Teach Our Children About How To Find God By Pursuing and Interest in Science.
  • Our Children and Young Adults Can Seek To Find God By Making an Effort to Look For God Through Religious Prayer and Through Scientific Investigation.
  • We Must Teach Our Children about the Benefits of Pursuing an Effort To Find God Through Scientific Investigations and Research.
  • We Must Encourage Our Children and Young Adults To Understand the Ways that God Creates and Maintains the Existence of All Human and Nonhuman Life in the Universe.
  • Our Teachers Should Motivate Students To Succeed By Challlenging Them To Pursue Scientific Studies.
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We Should Write a Novel to Be Readable and Understandable to Our Young Adults.  We Should Not Use Alien Words That We Have Not Used in One-Hundred Years.  We Have To Deal with the Issues That Young Adults Face in a Way That Is Respectable and That Is Not Offensive Either to the Young Adult or to the Family Members and the Educators of the Young Adult.  Our Writing Should be Assertive and Honest about Young Adult Issues.  Our Novel Is Respectful of Our Readers When We Discuss Very Sensitive Topics That Affect All Children and Young Adults.  Young Adult Readers Will Hopefully Have a Better Idea about How to Deal with Their Issues after Reading This Book.  Thank You For Visiting Our Features Page!!!

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