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Elsewhere Sample Chapters 1-10

The Many Roles of God in Education

  1. Chapters One through Ten introduces us to them main characters in the story.  We begin to help the reader to understand the main character, Joseph Klinger, as a first-grade student in a public grammar school.
  2. It is important to understand that there are many thousands of young students in grammar schools that would benefit from psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling at a very young age.  We talk about that in the first ten chapters.
  3. Grief counseling is a very serious issue in our schools.  We discuss methods of grief counseling when Joseph Klinger's grandmother passes away while he is in the first grade.
  4. Many of our families find the need to send our students to a school where they can pursue religious studies.  We will see if that decision means that running away from problems in a public school will mean that you will not find them again in a parochial grammar school.
  5. We emphasize the importance of bringing God into the psychiatric treatment of a young child in order to maximize the chance that he will respond to treatment.
  6. We want all students to know that we all have an individual relationship with God no matter where we go to school.
  1. God  plays as much of a role in educating our students as do teachers, parents, siblings, and fellow students.
  2. God shows love for our students even when we do not realize it or notice it.  God's Love for our students is unconditional and leads them to achievement.
  3. The Power of God's Love works as a healing mechanism that takes away the suffering of traumatic events in our students' lives.
  4. Students in parochial schools do not have an advantage over students in public schools and vice-versa.  God has an individual relationship with all of each of our students no matter where they go to school.
  5. God wants to groom all of our students for parenthood after they emerge from adolescence.  We all have an obligation to God to expand the size of His Human Family and His Creation and to continue to stimulate the process of the reproduction of human beings in God's Universe.
  6. We must try to understand that God plays a role in our daily lives whether we pray and notice what he does for us or if we do not.  None of us can ignore that power of God's Love.  That is especially true for our child and young adult students.
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Discipline in Education

Family Planning Solutions in Our Schools

  1. We must understand how to teach our children and young adults the difference between right and wrong without attempting to inflict physical and emotional harm upon them.
  2. Discipline is a learning experience for our children and young adults that helps to save their lives when they fall into troubles.
  3. Discipline opens new roads for our children and young adults by giving them chances to experience forgiveness and counseling so that their behaviors would improve.
  4. God helps all educators and parents to teach our kids and young adults about the dangers and risks of smoking, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, and using weapons.  We must be very forgiving of our kids and young adults when we discipline them for these behaviors.
  5. We must modify destructive behaviors by asking God to help us and our kids and young adults.  God guides us to save the lives of our students through responsible discipline.
  1. We must help our young adults to understand the potential that they have to work with a partner concurrently with God to conceive and to give birth to a new human life.
  2. Our young adults must understand the consequences of engaging in reckless and high-risk sexual behaviors.
  3. Our students should come to understand the process of conception and childbirth.  Our young adults should come to understand the benefits of working with God to achieve parenthood.
  4. Family Planning Counselors should help young adult girls to understand the consequence of becoming sexually active our of wedlock as a student.  These girls should come to understand the consequences of using birth control.
  5. Our young adults need to understand that heterosexual intimate activity gives a man and a woman a direct connection with God to work toward the conception and the development of a new human life.
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Science: The Religion of Humanity

  1. We must try to find God by investigating His creation throughout our existence through scientific studies and communication with God.
  2. Science is a unifying force that will help peoples of all faiths to unite with one another to declare that we are all one family under a Single One True God.
  3. We can come closer to understanding the roles that God plays in all of our lives through scientific analysis and investigation.
  4. We look to solve conflicts with each other by following the efforts of scientists that will work to stop us from threatening ourselves and from threatening others.
  5. We can thank our scientists for working hard in cooperation with God to lead us toward happier and longer lives.  Our scientists turn to God for help with new inventions, new medical treatments, and for ways to make our lives better.
  6. Science is a joint venture between ourselves and God.  We will achieve a final lasting peace with God when we all find God through Science.  Our scientists and religious leaders will work together to be the same.

Solutions and Success in Education

  1. We must always try to find new ways to work with God in order to make our schools more productive, more powerful, and more effective.
  2. We must work with God to find ways to solve problems in our public and private schools.  Our public schools need God just as much as our private schools need Him.
  3. Our mental health professionals should be ready to assist educators and families to try to save our students' lives when they become ill with a psychiatric disorder.
  4. Our schools are successful when our teachers do understand that race does not exist and that we are all brothers and sisters that are equally created in the image and likeness of God.
  5. Success in our schools means that we will come to love God and follow our relationships with God to make Humanity a better place for all or our students in our schools and for our graduates that have learned the benefits of understanding the love that God and all of us must share for each other.
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Our Schools Answer to God

  1. We must respect the role that God plays in the creation and the development of human life.  That is especially true of the role that God plays in developing all of our students.
  2. Our students must learn how to talk to God through prayer.  Our students must understand how to find God in their lives when they need help to overcome pain, suffering, and hardship.
  3. Our young adults need to understand the benefits from God that will await them if they choose to pursue parenthood.  Our young adults must understand the happiness that God can share with them through the successful creation and development of human life.
  4. We must understand that we must be as forgiving of others as God is forgiving of us.  That is a main theme that the great prophets taught us.  It is a theme that our young adults must come to understand in our schools.
  5. Our young adults must learn how to love God and to find the love that God has for all of us through the love that we all have for each other.
  6. Our students must understand that God is a dominant force in their lives. They must understand that God wants to help them to succeed as students and as human beings.

The Lockdown Syndrome

  1. We must find ways to help our kids and young adults when they become a threat to themselves and/or a threat to others.  We must assign psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to save our students' lives when a psychiatric disorder threatens to lead our students to incarceration.
  2. We must recognize the warning signs that a student might be contemplating an effort to hurt himself or herself and we must get that student immediate psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling.
  3. A Lockdown Syndrome Crisis Management Team could consist of psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, grief counselors, and religious leaders.  They can all work together to help God to restore the level of functioning of God's students after a school tragedy.
  4. We have to teach students to ask for help when they feel like hurting themselves or like hurting others.  All schools should have a support system that students could use to get help when they feel like hurting themselves or like hurting others.
  5. Behavioral Health Professionals should hold workshops for children and young adults to help them to understand when it is time for them to ask for help if they at any time feel like hurting themselves or like hurting others. We must work with God to recover from depression that arises from wrongful deaths in our lives. Our Mental Health Professionals have to work with God in order to help us to acheive closure.
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The Separation of Church and State in Education

What Are The Purposes and Goals of Education?

  1. No School Should Have an Advantage Over Any Other School Because Students Learn About God in One School and Do Not Learn About God in Another School.
  2. The Government Has No Right to Discourage Students in Public Schools from Pursuing a Religious Effort to Find God and To Love God Through Prayer.
  3. Private Religious Schools Deserve Federal Funding Just as Public Schools Deserve Federal, State, and Local Government Funding and Assistance.
  4. It Is the Duty of All of Our Educators to Encourage All of Our Students to Pursue a Relationship with God Regardless If They Attend a Private Religious School or a Public School.
  5. The Government Must Understand That Our Pain and Suffering Will Not End Until All Of Our Schools Face the Reality That All of Our Students Must Work to Find God in Their Lives.
  6. God Is Part of Our Lives Regardless of Whether We Attend a Public or a Private School.  God Seeks to Pursue a Relationship with All of Us
    When We Are Students Whether We Notice That Relationship with God.
  7. God Tries Hard to Help us To Work with the Government to Solve Problems with Our Society and in Our Schools By Helping All of Us to Work with Him to Promote Love Between Students, Educators, Parents, Law Enforcement Officers, and Community Leaders.
  8. Our Government Is Responsible for Encouraging All of Our Educators To Help Our Students To Try Hard to Find the Love of God in Their Lives No Matter If The Attend a Public School or a Private School.
  1. Our Educators Must Help Our Students to Achieve the Destiny that God Has Chosen for Each and Every One of Them.
  2. We Must Treat Students With Disabilities and With Special Needs with Compassion, with Respect, with Patience, and with Love and Affection.
  3. We Must Introduce Our Students To God. We Must Help Our Students to Understand the Benefits of Relying on a Powerful Relationship with God to Function in Their Daily Lives.
  4. Every Student that Falls Behind in Their Academic Performance Has the Right and Should Have the Option to Pursue Extra-Learning Programs Where They Would Try to Make Up for Lost Ground While Exploring the Benefits of Internet Studying Programs.
  5. Our Schools Are Meant to Help Our Students to Achieve a Lifetime of Freedom.  We Must Try to Give Our Students an Extra Advantage by Helping Them to Avoid Incarceration and Criminal Behaviors throughout Their Lives.
  6. Our Schools Must Teach All of Us That We Are Part of a Universal Family of Brothers and Sisters and That We Are All Children of God.
  7. Our Schools Must Deter Us From Behaviors That Will Lead to Our Incarceration.  Our Schools Must Teach Us to Work with God to Be a Productive Member of His Human Family.
  8. Our Schools Must Understand That It Is Their Obligation To Help All of Us To Communicate With God as Part of Our Daily Lives.  We Must Understand the Benefits of Being Sociable with Each Other By Being Sociable with God as Students.
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  • Family Planning Counselors Should Help Students To Determine Their Sexual Orientation.
  • Students That Are Considering a Homosexual Orientation Should Have Literature to Help Them To Make Responsible Decisions.
  • HIV is a Sexually Transmitted Disease That Seems to Hunt Down and to Infect Gay Men.  A Homosexual Orientation for a Man Is Already a Big Risk.
  • There Are Other Risks for Gay Women.  Hepatitis, syphilis, and Chlamydia Are The Dangers That Face Homosexual Women.
  • Our Students Need To Understand That Reckless Sexual Behaviors With Either a Heterosexual Orientation of a Homosexual Orientation Can Be a Fatal Mistake That Can Literally Cause You To Die.
  • Science Will Help Us To Find God In Our Lives.
  • We Must Communicate With God Through Prayer.
  • We Must Understand the Role That God Plays In All of Our Lives.
  • We Should Show Love For God Because of the Way That He Created Us.
  • We ask God for Help When We Need To Forgive Others That Have Hurt Us.
  • Science Will Lead Us To Discover How God Loves Us.
  • Science Will Help Us To Understand Our Role In God's Life.
  • Science Wil Hlep Us To Understand Why We Need To Love God.
  • Scientists and Religious Leaders Must Work Together To Open a New Dialogue With God.
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