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Our Website Will Discuss Dozens of the Most Important Topics That Face Our Schools in This Day and Age.  This Is One of the First Literary Projects That Discusses the Roles That God Plays in the Everyday Lives of Our Students. Our Website Talks about How Our Students Can Benefit from Engaging in Respectful Behaviors in Front of God and in Front of the Holy Spirit.

We Can Now Discuss The Main Conflicts In the Novel "Elsewhere!!"

An adult Joseph Klinger in his late thirties talks to his wife, Catherine Klinger, about wanting to investigate what had become of his old parochial grammar school, St. Cleo's Grammar School.  He then drives to the site of the school building after having a disagreement with Catherine.  Joseph then discovers that the school building is being demolished by a construction company and that it is going to be converted into an assisted living facility for senior citizens.  They tell him that St. Cleo's Grammar School had been closed down many years ago.  Joseph then drives home with much sadness and confusion over how his crises may have contributed to the school closing.  The story then goes back in time to the Joseph's first day of school in the first grade.  It is then a month by month account of his story until he graduates from grammar school in the eighth grade.

Our Features Page

Our God in Education Page

  1. We talk about all of the advanced features of the Novel "Elsewhere" on this page.
  2. We talk about advanced readability.  The novel discusses advanced concepts in religions, medicine, education, psychiatry, psychotherapy, law enforcement, and education.  However, we wrote it so that a fifth grade students could understand the material in the novel.
  3. Our novel has advanced and never-before-published religious discussions which talk about dozens of theories that pertain to our relationships with God and with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Our novel encourages the readers that might be a young adults to go to God and to communicate with God and with the Holy Spirit in order to find guidance to solve their problems.
  5. The good guys emerge victorious in the end of this project.  The criminal justice system punishes the bad guys that have betrayed God and that have attempted to hurt Joseph Klinger.  God rewards Joseph for being a role model that that tried to fight off destructive peer pressure and for doing things the right way.
  6. Joseph's relationships with God and the Holy Spirit helped him to prevail over the forces that sought to hurt him for no reason.
  7. The book is a story about the success of the Forces of Good over the Forces of Evil in a parochial grammar school. 
  8. This book was inspired by a parochial grammar school that closed down and became a public middle school.
  1. We recognize that God plays a role in the development of all human life.
  2. God plays a role in the lives of husband and wife when He responds to their intimacy for each other by presenting them with a new human life.
  3. God plays a major role in the academic, social, and physical development of all of our students.
  4. God tries to groom young adults students to achieve parenthood by helping them to understand what they have to gain by being constructive parents.
  5. God helps students to obtain essential skills like reading and arithmetic.  God works with teachers to help students to grasp course materials and the concepts that teachers expect them to learn.
  6. God and the Holy Spirit help students to learn how to be sociable and what constitutes acceptable behaviors.
  7. God gets sick when an under aged relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend results in an unplanned teenage pregnancy.  It is the responsibility of parents and educators to stop this from happening.
  8. God wants to develop young adults into parents even though many of his young adults would rather pursue parentless and same-gendered relationships.  This hurts God because it diminishes the number of human beings that he can bring into the world at any give time.
  9. We have to understand that God plays a major role in the lives of all of our students throughout the entire time that they are studying in school.
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Our Young Adult Page

Our Conflicts Page

  1. We talk about the stresses that happen to our kids when they confront young adulthood.
  2. We talk about the way that our kids can differentiate between good peer pressure and bad peer pressure.  We must teach our kids to accept positive peer pressure and to reject negative peer pressure.
  3. Our young adults should come to understand that our sexual behaviors are part of our relationship with God because it is the way that we work with a partner of the opposite gender and God to create and to develop a new human life.
  4. Young adults need to understand the dangers and consequences of succumbing to substance abuse, abuse of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  5. Our young adults have to recognize the role that God plays in all of their lives.  God and the Holy Spirit oversee the development of our kids and young adults.
  6. We must work with behavioral health professionals to try to stop young adults from emerging to be criminals and/or threats to themselves and to the society in which they live.
  7. We want all of our young adults to live productive and successful lives as part of God's Human Family and in His Human Creation.
  8. Our young adults have to understand their potential for working with God and a partner of the opposite gender in order conceive, create, and to develop human live.
  1. The main character, Joseph Klinger, is a kid that face numerous conflicts as a child and as a young adult.  He faces both good peer pressure and bad peer pressure.
  2. Joseph exists in a school where his fellow students are more interested in dating and finding a spouse than in studying and preparing for a career.  Joseph is more interested in studying and postponing dating activities.
  3. Joe and his friends cannot escape the problems with bad peer pressure from their fellow classmates, drug dealers, and gang members in their community. 
  4. Joseph is under psychiatric treatment from the time that he is in the first grade.  His treatment team consists of a psychiatrist and a therapist, Ellen Hayes. They try to steer Joe in the right direction despite the negative peer pressure that he encounters.
  5. Teachers in St. Cleo's Grammar School face a tough decision.  They decide to give students good grades on report cards even though they are getting lower grades on exams. 
  6. Joseph tries hard to be a good students and his grades are legitimate.  Therefore, he scores higher on standardized exams which shows the authorities that something is wrong with the way that teachers curve student grades in St. Cleo's Grammar School.
  7. Joseph's relationship with God is in conflict with the way that his fellow students want to pressure him to consider to behave in ways that are harmful to himself and that are harmful to others.
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Our Discipline Page

Our Peers Page

  1. It is important for discipline to be constructive so that it helps students to understand the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of continuing to make the same mistakes.
  2. Our educators must understand that destructive discipline, discipline that injures students, is not acceptable and is detrimental to the wellbeing of the population of students in a school.
  3. Discipline is a learning process that helps our students to become mature and responsible young adults and successful grammar school and high school graduates.
  4. Students should have many things to gain by having a positive response to discipline.  Educators have to help students to have a positive response to discipline.
  5. Successful students can be role models for their peers.  Successful students would understand the dangers of under aged dating and the use of illegal drugs and alcohol.
  6. Our educators have to teach our students to show remorse for what they have done wrong in front of the student community and in front of God.
  1. The most important component of a child's social development is to develop successful peer relationships.  Peer relationships should be free of conflict if the peers are either children or young adults.
  2. Children and young adults should seek therapy if they feel that kids or young adults are confronting life-threatening peer pressure.
  3. Our young adults should have access to psychotherapy and counseling that will help them to understand the difference between good peer pressure and bad peer pressure.
  4. We have to help to teach our kids and young adults to reject bad peer pressure and to reject peer groups that impose bad peer pressure upon their members.
  5. Educators and behavioral health professionals must work with our kids and young adults to stop negative peer pressure from injuring our kids and/or destroying their lives.
  6. We must teach our children and young adults to look to their relationships with God whenever they have to make a decision about accepting or rejecting peer pressure.
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Our Solutions Page

Our Success Page

  1. We must try hard to formulate solutions that will allow all educators, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, families, parents, and students to solve life-threatening problems that can destroy a student's life.
  2. We must never, under any circumstances, give up on a student that needs help because of a behavioral problem or an academic problem where he or she has fallen behind in his or her coursework.
  3. We need to develop programs that help all students to catch up to all other peers in their schools if they fall behind for some reason.  This means that we should recognize that the students need help and we should be ready to offer the student help.
  4. Students from religious schools and from public schools are the same.  We all need to establish a relationship with God in childhood and in young adulthood no matter what school we attend  All of our students should be encouraged to pursue a religious faith and a personal relationship with God.
  5. Family planning therapy should be assigned to all young adults in grammar schools, middle schools, and high schools to give counseling to students that engage in under aged dating.  This could minimize the possibility that they students might become pregnant at a young age.
  1. We should reward students for effort and academic achievement in order to build their confidence that they can succeed in developing a career and adult relationships after they finish school.
  2. We should give our young adults awards when they complete family planning courses so that they will be prepared for the realities that they will be facing in  relationships with their partners in the future.
  3. Our students should understand the consequences of engaging in the sexual behaviors that can lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.  We can not continue to lose students to these types of infection.
  4. We must encourage students to try to find God.  Students have found God when they realize God's plan for them as well as the destiny that God has chosen for them.  This means that the young adult has a productive and successful relationship with God.
  5. Students have a right to understand the process of conception of a human life.  They have the right to understand how the conception of a human life happens.  They have the right to understand the mechanisms of birth control.  Are educators have to tell them the truth about the way that intimacy happens.
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Our Articles Page

Our Order "Elsewhere" Page

  1. All of our articles contain original materials and concepts.  None of these concepts come from paraphrased publications or any other types of publications.
  2. These articles present new theories about numerous topics in education that have gone unresolved for decades.  We discuss them in a respectful manner that hopefully will not offend God and our audience.
  3. Our articles stress the importance of the role that God and the Holy Spirit play in the education of our children and young adults.  We know that God builds relationships with our kids and young adults regardless whether they go to a religious school or a public school.
  4. Our articles talk about what has gone wrong in our schools.  We propose the implementation of solutions to solve those problems.  We want to be graphic in help the reader to understand the seriousness of these problems.  We have to start doing many things to fix what is wrong with our schools.
  5. We hope that the day will come when our students will find the assistance that they so desperately need to avoid prison, substance abuse, homelessness, sexually transmitted disease infections, and poverty. 
  6. We can try hard to make 100% of our students successful in the future if we believe that our schools can work with God and with the Holy Spirit to make these dreams a reality.
  1. Elsewhere contains dozens of religious discussions that present never-before-published theories about the development of our relationships with God in our schools and also in our personal lives.
  2. Our religious discussions help the reader to understand how God possible feels about issues such as under aged dating and under aged sexual activity as well as under aged substance abuse.
  3. We present articles that help us to understand what might have been the missions of our great prophets and what their legacies mean for us today.
  4. Our family planning discussions help the reader to understand the reality that is very plain and clear, God is part of our sexual behaviors.  We should honor God with our sexual behaviors instead of disgracing and hurting Him with our sexual behaviors.
  5. Our novel talks about the dangers of the conflict between dangers peer pressure and constructive and meaningful peer pressure.  There are consequences when a student decides to succumb to negative peer pressure only to hurt himself or herself in the process.
  6. The hero survives the pain and suffering.  The hero survives the commissions of sins.  The reader will want to rout for the protagonist, Joseph Klinger, from the start of the novel to the end of the novel.
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  • All Of Our Students Face Many Family Planning Challenges.
  • All Young Adult Women Must Understand That Their Body Is "God's Factory of Human Life."
  • God Always Creates a Human Life Inside Of A Woman's Body.
  • God Becomes Very Angry When Anyone Violates A Young Adult Girl For Sexual Exploitation and Not For the Participation Of The Creation Of Human Life.
  • Our Educators Must Teach Young Adult Women That No One Has The Right To Violate "God's Factory of Human Life" That Exists Within Their Body.
  • Our Scientists and Engineers Must Collectively Pray to God So That We Can Find a Way To Achieve the Exploration of Our Solar System.
  • Our Scientists Must Convince God and The Holy Spirit That Our Human Family Deserves the Right To Achieve Affordable and Habitable Space Exploration Technologies in the Near Future.
  • The Main Goal of Our Scientists When They Do Find God Will Be To Develop New and Modern Technologies That Will Make Space Travel A Definite Possibility and a Definite Probability.
  • We Want Our Space Program to Be a Global Effort That Would Include Our Brothers and Sisters from All Over the World.
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The Novel "Elsewhere" Discusses Various Theories about the Development of Children and Young Adults in Education. We To Help the Reader to Understand the True Meaning of God in the Lives of Our Students.  The Discussions of These Issues May One Day Lead to Meaningful Education Reform.  Thank You For Visiting Our Website!!!

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